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Friday, November 9, 2007

Imran Khan's Exclusive Message for Students

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Shameless democracy

Musharraf's imposition of emergency neither is nor ever was about the crisis situation caused by the so called terrorists in Pakistan. It was always about getting rid of the judiciary and that he did, because Supreme Court was about to give a verdict against the eligibility of General as a President. So far in this emergency that was declared due to terrorists, all the lawyers and judges, and political workers of opposition parties have been man handled and arrested and warrants issued. The entire media except for state owned PTV has been blocked. Chief Justice Iftikhar has been kicked out again, and some new judges have been sworned in, obviously those who'll say YES SIR to the General. All this drama just to appoint a General's own judicial system, so that now everything he says becomes legal through court. What a shameless plan.

Shame on those nations and individuals who are proponents of freedom and democracy in this world of today and still carry on to support and fund such a shameless man.

Not just about emergency or martial law!!

By S.N.

It is important to note that the Pakistani community is not only opposing emergency, but also the new judiciary that Musharraf is reinstating. Musharraf is on record saying that he is not bothered about these protests because they are against the emergency which is temporary anyway.

The protest is about a lot more than just the emergency. It is against autocracy. It is against the one-man show where Musharraf makes his own rules, his own Parliament and now his own judiciary.

The audacity of his actions does not cease to surpirse me. He saw the uprising when the Chief Justice was suspended in early March. He admitted on public TV that he had made a mistake. Now I realize that the 'mistake' he was referring to was not the suspension, but the freedom of media that he had not clamped down on. That is why this time around he has aimed to 'correct' his mistake by declaring emergency, shutting down news channels, and taking away people's rights by force.

The Pakistani community realizes that this emergency is temporary and has only been imposed to put the new judiciary in place. Musharraf plans on getting a ruling in his favor, (where his Presidency is declared legitimate) and then he will proceed to lift the emergency.

It is important to stress that the Pakistanis DO NOT accept his actions. We do not accept the new judiciary. We do not accept Musharraf's rule. We do not want him as a President, whether in uniform or not. He has gone too far and has proven TIME AND AGAIN that he cannot be trusted to handle power responsibly.

hum ghulam ibn-e-ghulam hain... aur rahein gay bhi?

common man is not rising... i've tried to convince a few 'well educated' guys to atleast feel tht all wht happened is bad but they r firm in their belief tht since they cannt do anythin so there is no use of feeling tht its bad. And for some reason they believe tht nothing wrong happened and it is the destiny of Pakistan. Pakistan has a history of such events and nothings happens to pakistan if any such thing happens. It will always b a slave. Those guys are mentally contaminated, n do not realize the strength they have, they fail to realize they can make a difference. they have been brain washed tht they r slaves n raising voice is of no use... this is so coz they have been livin in slavery since their birth. Iqbal rightly said in his days

Tha jo na-khoob batadreej wohi khoob huaa
K ghulami mein badal jata hai qaumon ka zameer

Using the words of Faiz, i pray to Allah:

jin k sir muntazir-e-taigh-e-jafa hain unko
dast-e-qaatil ko jhatak denay ki tofeeq milay

New ammendments to Pakistan Army Act (1952)!

Source:, By ange on Nov 9, 2007:

"According to sources within the Pakistani security forces, amendments have been made to the Army act of 1952 and any civilian can be arrested under the act and tried in military courts while hoarders and profiteers are to be tried in special courts. The revised act also states that attacks on armed forces is now an offense under the new act. "

Sounds like ground work for legitimacy of "Summary Military Courts" (SMC). SMC's were introduced for the first time in Gen. Ayub's martial law and then again in times of Gen Zia's military take over.

In SMC's a military officer presides over the court. State can also be represented by a military officer and the defendent can either hire a lawyer or ask a military officer for assistance. The courts are known for their swift disposal of cases..................any comments???

Diary of Student Protests against Martial Law

Entries at Lahore's Metroblog at can be considered a good diary of student protests in the city. Encouraging factor is that it shows students of differrent universities and especially (at-last) from public universities coming forward to protest, though still in small numbers, but they have started to do so.

A protest by a few citizens of Karachi in Clifton is reported at