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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Pak crisis and US strategic interests

Money, the only God left !!

Who have been the greatest men in the history of the world? What has been their objectives of life? What were their value systems? What was the importance of money in their lives? What has happened now? Why is it that nobody wants to be a great person like before? Why is it that all the parents want their kids to not be great men? Since when did the definition of a great person change? How is it that the general perception today is that money equals success? Why is it that we're striving through all means to be this great successful person according to this warped new definition which has no historical or religious connection? Why is it that when God has promised our sustenance in Quran, we don't believe His words and instead put all our efforts in only getting more and more sustenance? Why is it that what He's actually asked us to do in this life, we aren't doing that? What is the relationship of His orders with the lives of the greatest men in history?

Do we believe in any God other than Money?

War on rights continues


Change of clothes

My uncle was afraid of changing his clothes because the legitimacy of the new suit that he got tailored for himself had been questioned and under hearing at the apex court. He got sick of the whole thing and imposed emergency wearing his old suit. So now, there arent any opposing judges, the opposing politicians are either hiding, under house arrest or exported to Saudi Arabia. He's got nothing to fear now. He can now put on his new suit and put his old suit away forever, but he isnt. He's saying that he's waiting for the supreme court decision. OK, let me get this straight. First you blamed the emergency on prolonging of the hearing, saying how you wanted a quick decision. Now you want to prolong it yourself. Twisted! Chachoo diyan chalakiyan!
He's announced parliamentary elections. The opposition politicians, are where I already mentioned they are. Aunti gee for some reason has official protocol. She arrived in Lahore with police, fire brigade and ambulances in tow. His favorite people are in advertisements on the state owned TV. There's no other TV on air. When will anyone else campaign? Who's gonna win? It's anyone's guess. Oh, I remember now. Chachoo says, we are not ready for democracy yet. We're not mature enough to decide yet, so he'll just decide for us. Thanks Uncle, I cant imagine what it would be without you. I cant imagine it, because you just dont seem like going away, ever.

New fronts of protest are opening up every day......

"If they thought that a week into emergency rule they'd be able to silence dissent, they haven't, However weak or fledgling, new fronts of protest are opening up every day." Aasim Sajjad, Professor of colonial history and political economy at LUMS, associated with the People's Rights Movement and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, as reported by on 11th November.

The picture is of Asim Sajjad's arrest on 04th November, from the office of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, within 24 hours of declaration of the state of emergency(read Martial Law). He was put to jail but released a few days later.

Reported by: Naween A. Mangi in Karachi, Pakistan on

LUMS VC summoned by Governor Punjab?

Irritated over the student protests especially by LUMS students it's the buzz that Governor Punjab has summoned V.C. of LUMS over the matter. It is still unconfirmed news, can anyone confirm it?

Personally, I would say hats off to LUMS administration and faculty for resisting government's pressure and allowing students their right to gather and record their protest. I hope it continues the same way.

We the students of LUMS really enjoy the freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom to gather and organise in LUMS. Freedom to do so is one of the values that LUMS was built upon. A state-of-Emergency or Martial Law denies all this. naturally the students have risen to the occassion to protest against it, as they know what a blessing it really is!