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Monday, November 12, 2007

Money, the only God left !!

Who have been the greatest men in the history of the world? What has been their objectives of life? What were their value systems? What was the importance of money in their lives? What has happened now? Why is it that nobody wants to be a great person like before? Why is it that all the parents want their kids to not be great men? Since when did the definition of a great person change? How is it that the general perception today is that money equals success? Why is it that we're striving through all means to be this great successful person according to this warped new definition which has no historical or religious connection? Why is it that when God has promised our sustenance in Quran, we don't believe His words and instead put all our efforts in only getting more and more sustenance? Why is it that what He's actually asked us to do in this life, we aren't doing that? What is the relationship of His orders with the lives of the greatest men in history?

Do we believe in any God other than Money?

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