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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MQM’s “revolutionary” success in bi-election

Following picture shows one of the many reasons for MQM’s recent success in bi-election of PS-94. Altaf Hussains later said that Orangi Town has proved to be the “Altaf Town” in his usual funny and dramatic style.

ps 94 bi election
PS-94 Bi-Election: MQM’s supporters are there to vote on behalf of their dead male relatives. This shows the “popularity” of MQM that even dead ones cast their votes in favor of MQM. [Caption Translation]: Photo Source

May be i am being jealous on MQM’s yet another “historic” victory, but how come they have managed the turn out of PS-94 to 70% when the situation was such tense and the opposition had boycotted the election? Seriously, 70% is much more than extraordinary turn out which is never seen even in western where people are such aware of their responsibility to cast their vote. In Pakistan, during general elections (when law and order situation is nothing like that day in PS-94) a turn out of 50% has never been witnessed.

It is worth mentioning that this “revolutionary” success of MQM cost 48 lives, which again they claim were their worker and sympathizers. It would be stupid to rule out the MQM’s role in those killings as well as of PPP and ANP. All of the three parties are coalition partners and yet worsening the life in Karachi. They will keep complaining and blaming each other BUT none of them will ever leave the Govt. On point of leaving government coalition, MQM has a distinction … as long as they think that government is not going anywhere they will remain in power and whenever they felt that government is collapsing they will immediately chant for “revolution”, feudal lords, landlords etc. and get out of the government.

I think that’s enough about MQM for today.