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Monday, November 26, 2007

Student Action Committee Lahore issues Call


· Under the guise of emergency, on the 3rd of November a brutal attack was launched against the civil society of Pakistan which recently mobilized in unison with the judiciary and the lawyers.
· All the judges who stood by their oath to protect the constitution were removed and placed under house arrest. Moreover, the two judges blamed for releasing terrorists have taken oath under the PCO. There is no excuse for the treatment meted out to the judiciary.
· The media has effectively been silenced as have all opposing voices to the totalitarian regime.
· Fundamental human rights, including freedom of expression and assembly, right to association and right to life, liberty and property, have been taken away.
· A direct assault on the students has been made: talks and debates on academic campuses have been banned. Students are being threatened with expulsions and are being pressurized by a pseudo-student’s (non-democratic) organization. Threats have been made against the students’ future careers and job acquisitions.
· Thousands of people are in jail to date without any legal basis.
· Our industries and businesses have suffered immense losses in millions of rupees due to the aforementioned governmental policies.

If not Now, WHEN? If not Us, Who?
There is no neutrality anymore; SILENCE IS CONSENT. SPEAK!
Do not strengthen the forces of repression which plunder the life and liberties of innocent citizens. SPEAK!
“I will not remember the words of my enemies but the silence of my friends.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Raise your voice with ours for the restoration of the constitution and the judiciary; freedom of the media and release of protest prisoners to enable a democratic process to take root through free and fair election.
Join us to peacefully PROTEST on 30th of November near Salt & Pepper (Liberty) at 2:30 (after the Jumma prayers)

Student Action Committee

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The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military

An alternative theory: Kindly read and ponder over it !!! The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military by Ahmed Quraishi|

Disclaimer: I do not endorse the views suggested in the link. But being in academics, one cannot discard any theory without having significant reasons to do so. Comments welcomed !!

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Who Loves Pakistan?


How current regime operates in Pakistan is understood by many in many different ways. But to me the picture is dangerous, I love my country and have done so since I was a kid. This happens to be my identity.

Afghanistan's war was dragged first into Pakistan's tribal area by our rulers, now they have dragged this war into mainland Pakistan (Swat, Lal Masjid, etc.). We did not have many friends in Balochistan (because of how they were dealt with, of course) already. Now we do not have many friends left in NWFP. Sindh has its share of problems already, with water sharing and other disputes.

And currently we are going nowhere, we are not trying to improve the situation. With US already taken over Pakistan's nukes (ref: Pak nukes already under US control), planning to deploy its army to "protect" Punjab/Islamabad (ref: Pakistan's Collapse, Our Problem By FREDERICK W. KAGAN and MICHAEL O'HANLON), whats the message?

It seems to me they are waving bye bye off to the rest of what is left of our home Pakistan. Is this home going to be broken. I hope and pray that I am totally mistaken. But read the following article, see the map linked with it (attached below), the news is not good... Google on "Greater Middle East Project" and you will find a lot more stuff to read and to ponder upon e.g. Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a "New Middle East".

Blood borders
How a better Middle East would look
By Ralph Peters

International borders are never completely just. But the degree of injustice they inflict upon those whom frontiers force together or separate makes an enormous difference — often the difference between freedom and oppression, tolerance and atrocity, the rule of law and terrorism, or even peace and war.

The most arbitrary and distorted borders in the world are in Africa and the Middle East. Drawn by self-interested Europeans (who have had sufficient trouble defining their own frontiers), Africa's borders continue to provoke the deaths of millions of local inhabitants. But the unjust borders in the Middle East — to borrow from Churchill — generate more trouble than can be consumed locally.
more at ... and the map that goes along with it...

Long Live Pakistan
Numan Sheikh

Missing in Pakistan

Independently produced documentary about the abduction and illegal detention of Pakistani citizens by Pakistani intelligence agencies. The film is circulating informally among concerned citizens in Pakistan as the subject is too "hot" for commercial channels. This is truth-telling at its bravest, unflinching best.

Watch, share, distribute. Learn.
ALE Xpressed !: Missing in Pakistan

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Impressive videos from London Protest - must watch

On 17th of November, 2007, a large number of Pakistanis living in England, participated in a protest demonstration against the illegal imposition of Emergency in Pakistan. These participants include Students, Lawyers, Professionals, PTI workers and some other peoples from the civil society. Jamaima Khan, Hina Jillani, Shahbsz and the George Galloway were also there to record their protest, they also addressed the participants.
I have got the videos of that demonstration, that you might not have seen, these videos are really impressive. These videos will recharge you :)

Jamaima Khan, Talking to the media
Video thumbnail. Click to play
Comments of a participant, a must watch, he really knows how to avoid these kind of situations in future
Video thumbnail. Click to play
Impressive Chanting from the bottom of Heart, look at the enthusiasm. And dont miss the most famous "Hum Daikhain Gey" presented by a LUMS alumni at the end of this video
Video thumbnail. Click to play
George Galloway, he was angry at the way Pak Govt. dealt with Imran Khan. He always talks very bluntly without any fear, just like Imran Khan
Video thumbnail. Click to play

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