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Saturday, December 8, 2007

LUMS Students beat up intelligence official for filming female students - IS IT TRUE ?

Lahore Varsity StudentsLahore University students thrashed an intelligence official who was found capturing films of female protestors outside the district jail.

A female student, requesting anonymity, told the Daily Times that the man had made their movie two days ago when they were protesting in front of the Lahore Press Club.

She said they had seen him several times at protests, adding that the man was again making a movie of female students.

Another female student said that due to the emergency rule they were concerned about their security, and that they had given fake names to organisers of the protests.

She said the university administration was pressurising female students not to join the protests. Police officials were asking them to take action against the female students, they added.

Taking all this into consideration, some male students beat up the official and snatched the battery of his video camera.

The battery was later handed back on the request of Model Town Division Superintendent of Police (SP), Imran Ahmad. (ANI)

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Munir A Malik was poisoned at Attock Jail, alleges HRCP

Source: Daily Times

A large number of civil society activists believe that former Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Munir A Malik was deliberately poisoned during his detention at Attock Jail, a Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) press release issued on Friday said.

An emergency meeting of civil society leaders was held to express concern over the deteriorating health of Malik at the HRCP’s office in Lahore. The statement said that Malik was tricked into drink a glass of juice containing some unknown ingredient causing a vital attack on Munir’s body organs. Despite the continuous outcry of the SCBA for the proper treatment of Munir, he was prescribed improper medicines until he fell unconscious during the detention his at Attock Jail. Munir was shifted to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on the demand of lawyers co-jailed then.

“Malik’s health condition is now critical,” the statement said, adding that the government must be held accountable for the deteriorating health of Malik. The HRCP demanded that a high-powered inquiry committee must be set up by the Bar to probe into the strong allegations levelled against the persons concerned. Terming it a matter of grave concern, HRCP further called on the government to cooperate with the Bar in conducting an inquiry into the case.

The statements of lawyers detained at Attock Jail must be recorded to unearth the hidden facts in the case, it said.

Lauding the role played by Malik in the recent lawyers’ movement for the establishment of rule of law in the country, the activists vowed to carry on the struggle started by Malik till he fully recovered. They also urged all political parties to give priority to the reinstatement of the deposed Supreme Court judges while asserting that no compromise should be made over the matter of the judiciary. They also observed that the transition to a sustained democratic process would not be possible without independence of the judiciary.

They also condemned the detention of 20 students belonging to the Students Action Committee in Lahore. They also called upon all sections of the civil society to join in the struggle, participating in the Black Day that would be observed on December 10.

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US Students' Initiative to Support their Pakistani Fellows

Source: Act For Pakistan

The situation in Pakistan is very bad, and Pakistan's independent judiciary, which was the protector of ordinary Pakistanis, an emerging bulwark against future political corruption, and upholder of our constitution, has been dismissed and incarcerated. The new judges, as expected, have proven to be handmaidens of the executive. They could not even pass a single order protecting the protesting lawyers, students and human rights activists who were subjected to ruthless brutality. They have also not provided relief to GEO and other independent Pakistani electronic media, which were shut down by the government. The political parties also seem divided and have been pulled into a vortex of state repression, manipulation and blackmail.

In this unfortunate situation, the students of Pakistan have come out to support civil society. They need our support and assistance. This is a watershed moment in Pakistan's history. Pakistani students, acting in conjunction with our brave lawyers, can redeem the situation. If they fail, Pakistan's rapacious and rabid elite will only lead to an extremist reaction from frustrated, poor, and persecuted citizens comprising more than 80% of our population. The situation is making Pakistan fertile for extremism. Students from Pakistani universities like LUMS, FAST, Quaid-e-Azam University etc., all moderate and progressive institutions, have protested alongside lawyers and media and have been beaten to pulp and jailed.

Along with other non-partisan initiatives in pipeline, we want to show support to students in Pakistan, where it actually matters, from Pakistani students in USA by publishing a quarter page ad on the front page of 'The News', 'Jang' and 'Dawn' that we support them morally and materially. Each ad costs ~$5000. After reading the message, please circulate widely among students and any potential sponsors in USA if you agree, and help show support to students in Pakistan. Sponsor's names will be highlighted in the ads. Letter text, contribution details and further details of this initiative are available at

Here are bundled packages of how you can be part of this initative to support Pakistani students:

1) Ultra platinum (includes donation)

Submit your name and university to be published in the background of the news ad and click on the following link and donate generously.

2) Platinum

Submit your name and university to be published in the background of the news ad

3) Premium

Submit university to be published in the background of the news ad

4) Basic

Forward this email to as many students in USA as possible

Note: As ad space is limited, names will be published on a first come first serve basis. Please feel free to send us any feedback or new practical ideas.


Muhammad Fahim

Bilal Wahid MIT

Babar Sattar Harvard

Rehan Tahir MIT

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Source: Daily Pakistan, 06 December 2007

Comments are requested !!!

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Arrogant Musharraf's Plans Undone by the Determined Lawyers and Judges

Investigative research article by Pejamistri, posted as a comment on

Talking to one of my friend (who is a lawyer in Islamabad) , here is how I will sum up the current situation.

As per the original planning:

  1. Martial law and the mad dictator in uniform was supposed to last for one year (till 2008).
  2. Establishment also expected that they will be able to get more than 70% of the supreme court judges to take oath under PCO.
  3. They also planned to get the Chief justice of Supreme Court removed by the new supreme judicial council to show the world that it was a constitutional removal.
  4. One of the important aspect of the planning was that “all” of the high court judges will take oath under PCO except a few. They also wanted to move to Supreme Judicial council against Chief Justice Sind , and Chief justice Peshawar .

However things turned out totally different:

  1. First of all apart of Balochistan High court a lot of the judges in provincial high courts did not take oath. This is a unique situation in Pakistan as in all the previous PCO’s 99% of the high court judges have taken oath under PCO.
  2. Due to extreme pressure from within the army (generals who were not part of the planning), and US, mad dictator reluctantly decided to remove the uniform.
  3. Despite all the efforts from ISI and mad dictator’s cronies they have not been able to blackmail any more judges to take oath under PCO.
  4. The legal clown (Malik Qayyum) of mad dictator tries to declare in his every statement the reinstatement of judges as “past and closed” transaction, the reality is that it is a “current and open” transaction in legal circles. Even the existing PCO judges recognize this privately which means that it requires a permanent settlement.
  5. Another issue at the moment is “how to lift the martial law”, the date of 16th December is looming large and if mad dictator does restore the constitution on that date, it is going to open a new Pandora box for him. This will be a new and unknown path which has never been tried before.
  6. The most important part in this struggle is that the lawyers are not appearing before the PCO judges which means the business is at standstill even in high courts. Let me give an example that only 241 cases were decided in November in Supreme Court as apposed to 3000+ in month of October. So one can imagine the enormity of the situation. Same thing is happening in all the high courts.
  7. Since the current situation has no parallels in the history and there is no known solution to this situation, establishment (read army) does not have any solution which they feel can get them out of this situation.
  8. So at the moment establishment (army) is exploring all possible solutions. And complete restoration of judiciary along with mad dictator’s relocation to Turkey is also on the cards.

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Hunger Strike for release of GOR arrested

The Students Action Committee Lahore (SACLahore) is holding a SIT-IN and hunger strike for the release of the 10 students and civil society members who were arrested outside Justice Shahid Siddiqui's house in GOR Lahore.

The SIT-IN is outside the Lahore Press Club (Shimla Pahari) @ 11 AM, 08 December 2007.


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Email to Tighe Barry

Code Pink's Tighe Barry protesting against Iraq war funding in Washington D.C. on 23rd March, 2007
Dear Tighe,

Just wanted to thanku for what you stood up for, what you did for the sake of people of Pakistan.

I noticed activists of "Code Pink" 0n 30th Nov protest, and every protest from then on, Initially it seemed strange, why would a foriegner be interested in our fate? most don't seemed to be concerned at all. Every govt in East or West is supporting Musharraf. Turkey's PM visit was a recent example.

But having talked to one of your fellow activist in Press Club Lahore, I sensed a feeling of genuine concern for the people's right to freedom of thought,expression,gathering,self determination and access to information and independent judiciary, be it anywhere in the world...............What a principle stance Code Pink is taking.

I praise your courage and boldness, knowing that it wasn't done for getting so, but feels nice to know, that atlast someone stood up there and spoke for us.

We consider you standing shoulder to shoulder with us in this struggle, even when you are not in Pakistan.

Picture Source:
More Pictures: Code Pink's Pakistan page

Is it a joke ?

I am sure that there is not even a single reasonable person around Mush. For example check out this 'Bakwas'.

US Activist Tighe Barry Arrested at US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Assistance to Pakistan

By: Tighe Barry

On December 6, Tighe Barry, a CODEPINK activist who along with Medea Benjamin was deported from Pakistan at gunpoint for supporting pro-democracy forces, was arrested at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on US Assistance to Pakistan.

Barry and Benjamin, deported on December 5, flew directly to Washington DC to attend this hearing. They had asked for the opportunity to testify about their firsthand experience with the heroism of Pakistan’s civil society and the brutality of the government, but were told that the witnesses had already been selected.

The first to testify was Richard Boucher, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs. His testimony was infuriating to Barry, Benjamin and the 10 other CODEPINK activists who were in attendance and holding up signs saying “No Money To Musarraf”.

Mr. Boucher gave the impression that Pakistan was on the path to democracy and that our billions of dollars in assistance was being well used. He called the state of emergency a mere “bump in the road.” The travesty of sacking the independent Supreme Court judges and replacing them with Musharraf allies was called a “Supreme Court reshuffling.” While admitting that the elections would not be “perfect,” he asserted that the State Department was working closely with Pakistani officials to ensure that the elections are free, fair, transparent and credible.

He went on to say that democracy also requires accountable government institutions, including an independent judiciary, protection of individual human rights, a free and dynamic press, an atmosphere promoting open debate, and a vibrant civil society. “Pakistan is making progress toward those goals,” he claimed,

Having just witnessed firsthand the thuggery of Musharraf’s regime, Barry could not believe his ears. He stood up in protest, saying that the Assistant Secretary’s testimony was full of lies. “Musharraf has beaten lawyers and students, destroyed the judiciary, and censored the press,” said Barry. “The U.S. must freeze all funding to this military government until emergency rule is lifted, the independent judiciary is reinstated, the censorship of the media is lifted, and all judges, lawyers, students and human rights defenders are released.”

Barry was pulled out of the room, handcuffed, and put in a paddywagon. “I felt compelled to do this for the sake of my friends in Pakistan,” he said as they took him away. “Pakistanis risk their lives standing up to their government; I have to stand up to mine.”

Barry was cited and released, and must appear in Court on December 27 to face charges of Disorderly Conduct.

For interviews contact: Tighe Barry, 310-920-8248 or

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Live with Talat in front of PEMRA Building - 03 December 2007

A must watch program, Talat really knows how to sack politicians he never leaves much choice for the politicians instead of answering it. Asim Sajjad showed up in this video, once again you will like his thoughts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Govt offers to reinstate all SC judges except CJ

Source: Emergency List

President Peshawar High Court Bar Association, Abdul Latif Afridi, claimed that government had evolved reconciliation strategy to end the judicial crisis emanating after the imposition of emergency by President Musharraf on Nov 3.

According to reports reaching here from Peshawar, Abdul Latif Afridi revealed this in the general body meeting of the Peshawar High Court Bar Association (PHCBA) on Friday.
He revealed that under the plan Government had offered to take back all the deposed judges of the superior judiciary, who were removed from their posts when they refused to take fresh oath under PCO, provided they agreed to retirement of deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry.

But the deposed judges refused to accept the offer and demanded of the government to restore all the judges including deposed CJP. A lawyer, Naveed Akhtar, present in the PHCBA meeting, confirmed that the offer was made but the judges had categorically refused to get back to their job unless the deposed Chief Justice was restored to his position.

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that deposed Chief Justice Tariq Pervaiz Khan, Justice Shah Jehan Khan, Justice Doost Mohammad Khan and Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan and three other deposed judges of the PHC were still using the official vehicles and were residing in the official residences despite the fact that they all had not taken oath under the PCO.

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Justice Wajih evicted from Punjab to Karachi, Restriction on citizen’s entry in GOR Lahore

Justice (Retd.) Wajihuddin Ahmed who was arrested by the police earlier on 07th December 2007 after his address to the District Bar in Gujrat, was evicted from Punjab and sent to Karachi later in the evening. He was arrested in Gujrat on taking out a rally and later sent by air to Karachi.

Police have erected barricades on all the roads leading to the residence of Justice Shahid Siddiqui who had refused to take oath under Provisional Constitution Order (PCO). Local people are not allowed to use these roads where heavy police contingents have been deployed. The restriction has been imposed in government employees’ residential colony, GOR One on the order of Lahore High Court. The police blocked the roads leading to GOR last night and prevented common citizens from entering the area which houses Chief Minister Secretariat, NAB Office, Chamba House, Chief Minister Monitoring Cell and residences of civil defence and judges. Only those who reside in the GOR are allowed to enter the area.

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