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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bhutto Dynasti

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ISI’s Desperate Bid To Save Musharraf

Source: ICH

Alternative media is the West is falling prey to the ISI propaganda to save Musharraf. However, it doesn’t take too much to read between and behind and lines and see the facts and the ground realities which the ISI operatives are distorting.

By Abid Ullah Jan

ISI operatives in the media in Pakistan have been busy making noises in an attempt to make Pakistanis, at least, believe that the US is actually cornering Musharraf. They blame human rights organizations, NGOs, lawyers and all other critics of the regime to be working for the US and serving interests of Indian intelligence agency RAW.

They base their disinformation campaign on the following points:

1. Musharraf does not fit well with Washington’s agenda.

2. Musharraf is the target because he refuses to play ball with the US on Afghanistan, China and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

3. Washington is annoyed with Musharraf because he did not hand over Osama to the U.S.

4. Musharraf did not send troops to Iraq because of which Turkey also refused to join the US forces in Iraq.

5. Musharraf did not recognize Israel.

6. Musharraf has destroyed the US policy.

7. There is carefully crafted anti-Musharraf media blitzkrieg launched early in 2007.

8. The US is pumping money into Pakistan to pay for organized dissent.

9. A campaign is being waged on the Internet where tens of mailing lists and “news agencies” have sprung up from nowhere, all demonizing Musharraf and the Pakistani military.

10. European- and American-funded Pakistani NGOs have started makeshift anti-government mobilization machine.

11. US government agencies are directly funding some private Pakistani television networks; the channels go into an open anti-government mode, cashing in on some manufactured and other real public grievances regarding inflation and corruption.

12. Some of Musharraf’s shady and corrupt political allies are feeding this campaign, hoping to stay in power under a weakened president.

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Aitzaz's detention extended, Bushra Aitzaz speaks


At this moment there is a Quran Khawani for Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed outside our house in Zaman Park in Lahore.  The Quran Khawani has been arranged by me but my husband, Aitzaz Ahsan, has not been allowed even to step out of the house and participate in the Quran Khawani. He is detained in our house at No. 5, Zaman Park which has been declared a sub-jail and as of today his detention has been further extended for a period of 30 days. In fact the security and police presence outside our house has been greatly increased and a battalion of policemen guard it now in fear that he may come out and join in the prayer meeting.

My husband was also disallowed from participating first in the funeral and then in the soyem at Naudero. He had formally applied to the Federal Government through the Punjab Government and the jail authorities to go to Naudero but the application was denied.

Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan again applied on the 30th December for a reprieve for a mere two hours to join the Quran Khawani outside his house. This request has also been refused.

Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan was arrested on November 03, the day General Musharraf imposed the Emergency. He was initially detained in solitary confinement in Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi and then to house arrest in Lahore.

One day before Eid he was released for three days to enable him to celebrate Eid but was re-arrested on the same day at Chakri interchange on the motorway and was manhandled by plainclothes policemen. He was then driven around and about Chakri and Chakwal in the middle of the night in an open police van and brought to Lahore in the morning. The reprieve granted to him was also cancelled.

Due to exposure to extreme cold and sub-zero wind-chill Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan ran high fever with aches and pains for several days but has now recovered.

Ever since he applied to go to Naudero the security around his house has been beefed up. All phone lines were cut and the cell phones of those who reside therein have blocked and jammed after Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan made a condolence call to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari on the day of the funeral.

Meantime, the Federal Government has further extended the detention of Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan for a period of 30 days with effect from 01.01.2008.

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Terrorizing is the job of Terrorists

HRCP assails vigilantes

Lahore, January 01: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called for immediate disbandment of vigilante squads maintained by the establishment or its favourite political party as their interference with citizens' normal affairs is not only unlawful it would lead to chaos. In a statement issued here today HRCP said:

On Monday night (Dec. 31) a most deplorable incident took place in Gulberg area. A few young girls, including Muneeza Jahangir, HRCP Chairperson's daughter and a well-known TV producer/reporter, accompanied by a couple of young men, decided to take photographs of some election posters. Suddenly a bunch of armed toughs pounced upon them, mercilessly beat up a young man, dragged the girls and shut them up in the office of the son of the outgoing Punjab Chief Minister. The armed goons abused the girls and threatened them by pointing their guns at them, and offered the same treatment to Ms. Asma Jahangir when she arrived at the scene to rescue the girls. These men had no right or authority to resort to violence and imprison their victims in private premises. Worse, the culprits seemed to enjoy local authorities' patronage and were reportedly backed by a couple of police constables in uniform. HRCP calls for immediate disbandment of all such private storm-troopers as their unlawful activities will pose a serious threat to citizens' life and security and plunge society into a total chaos. The interim rulers must probe the matter and call the guilty to account, that is, if they have the power to do so.

Iqbal Haider

Perhaps its the time to redefine Terrorists, what will you call those who scare/terrorize others on the basis of guns or through police. We know that its not about 'law and order', who cares for this ? those who themselves break law without any shame just to save their ..... time to rethink/redefine ...

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Islamabad Protest for the Restoration of Judiciary, 01 Jan 2008

So the first day of new year in Islamabad(Pakistan) started off with bloodiness tears and moans, with the people who despite all that still are striving to see a better Pakistan, struggling to change, to fight all those tyrants either in the face of military or civil dictators. Parvez Mushharaf(1999), his group of politicians and generals who have been depriving the country from humanity, law and order and innocence since 1960.

The country still mourning on the cold-blooded murder of The PPP,s Benazir Bhutto and the people are yet gathering for demonstrations despite all that fear.

The 1st day of 2008, some people of Pakistan took the courage to come out on the streets to renew their movement against tyranny, for the restoration of judiciary. The fact that how coldbloodedly this government murdered a former prime minister(twice) and a renowned leader of a party, some people risked their lives, holding banners, placards, chanting slogans against military rule, Musharraf,s government, murder of Benazir bhutto, missing people, tyranny and demanding death sentence to be given to Musharraf.

Wearing black bands, the group started from Aabpara and marched peacefully toward Secretariat under the directions of Punjab Police(Islamabad police has surrendered and Punjab Police has taken charge), so the protest was well-watched and carefully attendant. These directions were taken to avoid violence between protesters and police as no law and order is seen to be existing in the recent airs of Pakistan.

They stayed there for a while to show respect to and solidarity with PPP, by giving a momentary silence. Then they moved towards presidency house and sat there for two hours where some people gave speeches.

Along with the speeches, it was announced that somewhere before elections, protestors would go the presidency house and regardless of the barriers would pull Musharraf out. After declaring the above statement protestors peacefully dispersed with the light of hope shone on their faces has the sun set drew upon them.

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Political Stunt

Help of Scottland yard in the investigation of Benazir Bhutto's assassination is not of any use. Because they cant investigate under the Pakistani law (if there is any ???). Can they investigate the chief if Intelligence Bureau whom Ms. Bhutto suspected for her assassination ?

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