You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of democracy, social justice and the equality of mankind in your own native soil. [Mohammed Ali Jinnah]

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beggars we are

Well, turns out, this brand new "democratic" government is going to revolutionize everything that went wrong in the last regime. How? One might ask. Simple. Beg for more!!! Military regime got military qarzay (borrowing), non-military operators will get non-military qarzay, (10 billion vs. 7.5 billion now) but one thing is in common, and that is this qarzay. Javed Chaudhary yesterday said in his Express News program that "in the documented history starting from 10,000 years or so, no human nation has brought about any revolution with money earned from begging". It's a simple matter of principle. People who get our votes are not made up of elements required for taking a strong decision of "no more begging". Iran, I read in the papers is the only Muslim country who made that decision a while back, and now as a result, they make everything on their own. They, no more rely on any other country for instance, US, UK, Russia, UN, etc etc. We, on the other hand, like to have everything made for us, by someone else. We like brands, we like big names and BigMacs. But unfortunately we are doing that at the cost of being beggars, mentally, intellectually, ideally, literally, I'm afraid in all due respects. But who cares, we can get to wear armani jeans and get to eat Quarter pounders for a few more years. Good luck to the change of faces, for I don't have respect for arrogant and selfish short-sighted "beggars", neither does the world, neither does history, but more importantly neither does Allah!!
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