You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of democracy, social justice and the equality of mankind in your own native soil. [Mohammed Ali Jinnah]

Thursday, December 27, 2007

She is sure dead, but are we alive?

It's the question that is haunting me. Can we really call ourselves alive if "we can't do anything". Do we have the right to call ourselves alive? Do we know what this word "life" means? Amidst all this chaos and confusing news of Benazir's death, numerous other news were in circulation. Whether there's going to be another emergency declared is a waiting game now. Would elections make any sense now, even though US has given stern statement that elections should go ahead as planned. There's a set of burning questions, but as I watched different news channels (as i really didn't know what else to do) constantly showing the same footage everywhere, there was an unmistakably distinct pattern i saw even though i was passively watching everything. Four different people said something live on tv, within a time window of 10-15 minutes. These four people are geographically and mentally well apart apparently. US president George Bush, UK Prime minister, Brown, Afghanistan's Karzai, and finally Pakistan's Musharraf. They all said exactly the same words about the incidence. Now this could have been a coincidence for sure, but I dont' know. Each one of them used two keywords "cowardly act" and their favorite term "terrorists". There was an unmistakable correlation between the short statements issued by the "gentlemen".

There's another incidence that happened. I had an argument with my dad. I wouldn't like to quote the naivety of my dad's philosophy, but in short his philosophy stinks of helplessness. It promotes an absolute submission to the global tyrants of this world. I say if we are just waiting for the bullets to come into our own homes one by one and rid us of our lives, we are absolutely dead already!!! If helplessness is all we as humans can achieve in the absence of a gun in our hand, then everything Iqbal has said in his poetry, everything Allah has said in the Quran is false. It is absolutely false, if it is only God that can change things now!!