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Sunday, November 25, 2007

PPP with opposition ???

Pakistan People’s Party chairperson Benazir Bhutto has assured Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal President Qazi Hussain Ahmed that the PPP would go along with the other opposition parties over participation or boycott of elections.In a message sent to Qazi Hussain through Leader of the Opposition in Senate Raza Rabbani, the PPP chairperson said her party saw no possibility of fair and free elections and was filing nomination papers under protest.Ms Bhutto said she was ready to discuss all matters in a joint meeting of all political parties, says a JI press release.The PPP leader said that opposition parties would be in a better position to take a collective decision after the return of former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif on Sunday.

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Does Boycott hurt ?

The Bahawalpur and Multan registries of the LHC have been closed till further order.Dawn has learnt that the decision has been taken, apparently, owing to the ongoing boycott of post-PCO judges by lawyers and shortage of judges. Before the Nov 3 emergency imposition, the LHC strength was 31 which has now been reduced to 21.The notification says the cases will move to the principal LHC seat in Lahore.—Correspondent Dawn News

Yes it does hurt...

Since those judges were professionally "sacked" by lawyers' boycott, so it was not a bad idea to close these two benches of LHC.

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Living with the General

Source: The Morning Brief

Author: Joseph Schuman

With Pervez Musharraf’s reelection now confirmed by the Supreme Court he composed and the Pakistani president back in Washington’s good graces, the question is whether the rest of Pakistan’s body politic wants to participate in the general’s version of democracy.

Much of the international community remains critical of Gen. Musharraf’s de facto martial law — which is still in effect — and skeptical about his latest promise to step down as head of the military and serve as an exclusively civilian leader, though his aides say that could happen in the coming days. more…

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PCO valid: Important Step towards 'Kingdom of Pakistan'

"ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court has declared the enforcement of PCO and emergency valid. SC larger Bench headed by the Chief Justice Mr. Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar."

I guess that this was not a surprise for any of us, these puppets wont even dare to cause any problem in the way of Mush, in case if he "thinks" that making the so called "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" into a "Military Kingdom of Pakistan" is in the "Great Benefit of nation and country". This would also be a legal as per definition of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Convince PPP to boycott elections!

We would strongly urge everyone to contribute in anyway possible in regards to pressurizing PPP to boycott the upcoming election drama. Participation by 3 major parties (PPP, JUI-F and MQM) can give a semblance of legitimacy to these sham elections.

1) Contact the main leaders of PPP and show them your dissent. Below is their information. Please write/call/email/txt/ meet them in person to show your dissent with elections under emergency. Even if they don't pick up your call, THEY WILL READ YOUR SMSes! The main people to contact are:

Ms Sherry Rehman
Information Secretary
49-Old Clifton, Karachi
051-9224129, 021-5834663-4, 0300-8222881, Personal Mobile: 0300-5001420

Mr. Babar Awan
27-E, Ali Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. 051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000, Personal Mobile: 0300-5000161

Mr. Farhatullah Babar
Assistant to Mohtarma
Personal Mobile 0300-8552543

Senator Mohammad Enver Baig
House No. 5, Street 55, F-7/4, Islamabad
Tel: 2206778, Mobile: 0300-8542308; Fax: 2201107

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
H. No. 8, St. 19, F-8/2, Islamabad. 051-2282781, 2255264, Fax 2282741
Personal Mobile (old number) 0300-5000001 (might not be available on
this but her secretary Awan will probably be.)

Makhdoom Amin Fahim
Vice Chairman
11-A, 2nd Sun Set Street, DHA, Karachi, 021-5842140, 0228-31199, 051-2840588,
0300-9221234 E-mail:

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani
Vice Chairman
Gilani House, Ghaus-al-Azam Road, Multan, 155-B, Phase-I, Defence, Lahore
061-542424, 0300-8448141, 8730662; 042-5723234.
E-mail :

Mr. Jehangir Bader
Secretary General
140/107 Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. 042-5414990-1,
0300-8470402; 051-2276014, Fax 051-2276016. E-mail:

Mian Raza Rabbani
Deputy Secretary General
H. No. 14/II, St. 31, Phase-V, Ext. DHA, Karachi:
021-5865841-2, 0300-9291624, 051-9223854. E-mail:

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
Deputy Secretary General and President PPP Punjab
H. No.445, Bab-ul-Quresh, Muhallah Daulat Gate, Multan
061-4514666, 042-5712289, 0300-8634453, E-mail:

Mr. Sajjad Bokhari
Deputy Information Secretary
8 - Davis Road, Lahore
Tele: 042-63714559, 0300-8446754, E-mail:

Mr. Babar Awan
27-E, Ali Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. 051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000 Personal Mobile: 0300-5000141

Central Secretariat
Pakistan Peoples Party
House No. 1, Street 85, Sector G-6/4, Islamabad
Tel: (92-51) 2276014-5

In addition if you know who the PPP person for your relevant area is you can find his/her number at:

2) Student Council's of various universities, lawyers' associations, journalist associations' and other relevant groups should send press releases boycotting the elections under emergency and under the the puppet supreme court and that all parties which take part in the elections without the restoration of the judges will be condemned, boycotted and unjoined, etc. If you want your university's press release to be sent to newspapers, email them to or

3) Forward this message to as many mailing lists.

Make your voices heard!

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