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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watch out BB. He might get you arrested, too.

Yup, parha likha Punjab

This will surely help in his goal of Parha Likha Punjab.

Pakistan Bachao Tehrik

They've already started their Pakistan Bachao Tehrik by having Imran Khan arrested. Way to go morons!

Imran Khan arrested at Pakistan protest - JAMAAT showed its real FACE

Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan is arrested after appearing for the first time since emergency rule. He was detained after going to the University of Punjab in Lahore to address a protest by students against President Pervez Musharraf.

Mr Khan was initially held for an hour by students from the Jamaat-e-Islami party after a standoff on the campus. After all Jamaat did what they were 'supposed' to do, this will lead to the fall of APDM finally. As Molana Fazlur-rehman already have 'reservervation' for APDM though he doesn't have any for taking part in elections under the umbrells of 'Emergency', and now the Jamaat stabed one of the opposition leader from behined.

When are we gonna get rid of these BLACK SHEEPS ?

All the friendly opposition is moving around under the Govt. protocols and the guy who opposes Govt. in its original sense, is taken out of the scene. What a joke !!!

“I came to the university to lead a rally of students against the dictator Musharraf and his illegal actions,” Khan said. “I would have presented myself for arrest in full public view but my goal was to set in motion a student movement.” Khan spoke to AFP by telephone shortly after he was detained while trying to lead a rally at Lahore’s Punjab University. He said he was betrayed by a group of students. “The majority of the students were with me there but a group of them from Islami-Jamiat-Tuliba collaborated with the administration and police,” Khan said. “They took me into the office and then forced me out into a van. They did not allow me to be arrested publicly.” He added: “I have achieved my purpose. I have started the student movement, I have set the tone for it.” Police earlier confirmed they had arrested Khan and would place him back under house arrest, which he slipped out from more than a week ago.

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Positions Vacant !!!

Courtesy Nawaiwaqt

Talat Hussain's Hard Talk with Magistrate Islamabad, 03 Nov 2007

Look how they implemented the orders to shut down the transmissions, this is another view that this whole display was illegal.

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Pakistan’s Pinstripe Revolution

[quote]Gen. Pervez Musharraf never wanted to be a politician. But his emergency decree has made the return of civilian politics inevitable.[/unquote]

News week on musharraf and current state of affairs in Pakistan

New ammendments to Pakistan Army Act (1952)!....... It's happenning

In a Nov 9 entry in my blog regarding amendments to Pakistan Army Act 1952 (, I mentioned that it looks like the ground work for Summary Military Courts. The news out now predicts the same.

It has been a common practice in past to enforce SMC's during Martial Laws, it brings a swift justice mechanism, according to wishes of the government. Supposedly in an SMC, unlike civilian courts, the accuser is by default considered guilty and he has to prove himself innocent. The accuser is not given "benefit of the doubt" and charged with the crime in such a condition.

The military act is amended as a Presidential Act, which means it has a temporary status in constitution (yes the one which is held in abeyance now, for the fourth time by a Chief of Army Staff in Pakistan).

I am concerned primarily about two things:

1. In future, if the elections are not fair or the King's Party(PML-Q) comes to power, they might get it approved on a simple majiority and make it a part of constitution (yes we actually have one, the 1973 constitution, remember???? ).

2. For the time being they are setup in disturbed areas of SWAT & FATA. FATAhas no judicial system in place, a condition for their inclusion in Pakistan in 1947, Miliary Courts can provide an alternative option for swiftly tucking away the "TERRORISTS". But who is going to stop the General from enforcing them in major cities and settled part of our country? Just like Gen. Ayub or Gen. Zia did?

I fear the day when they will start to operate all over the country, it will be big blow to already justice deprived nation of Pakistan.

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