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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"I'm not trouble creator, says Musharraf." but the judges were????

President Pervez Musharraf pledged Tuesday to cooperate with whoever wins January’s crucial general elections, saying that he was not a “trouble creator”. (The Nation, Dec 12, 2007.)
He further said in the same interview that he had to impose emergency rule on November 3 because the judge was “illegally trying to remove me” and country would have been in trouble if he had been allowed to have his own way.
“What would have happened if we allowed this Chief Justice to have his own way? We would have landed this country into chaos,”. See??? there was nothing personal, it was all done in favor of Pakistan. People who think mush did it for his sake should be ashamed of themselves and their filthy thinkings. more ...

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Politicians should not betray jurists fighting for rule of law - Imran

Students have to stand alert in these defining moments of Pakistan's history to make sure that things go in the right direction. This was stated by PTI chief Imran Khan while addressing students at his residence.

He said common people had always faced suffering in the past due to dictators, and currently Ms Benazir Bhutto and Fazal ur Rehman were taking part in elections for their personal benefits as BB wanted removal of the alleged corruption cases filed against her in the past.

He said that students were out on roads and busy in protesting against the government for Rule of Law and the restoration of the deposed judges who did not buckle down infront of the dictator. more

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Chief Justice of Pakistan: latest rejoinder to Musharraf

Please see below the text of the Ghief Justice (The real one) of Pakistan's statement from house arrest in response to 'president' musharraf's interview earlier today on Al Jazeera.

The statement of General (rtd) Pervaiz Musharaf during an interview with Al Jazeera TV that the CJP wanted to remove him illegally is absolutely incorrect simply for the reason that I was not a member of the bench which comprised 11 Honorable Judge's (four have since taken oath under the PCO) and the case which was still being heard was to continue on Monday, November 5, 2007. This is the same Supreme Court which decided in favor of General (rtd) Musharaf on his dual office case and I was not member of that bench and the decision was applauded. If a case is decided in favor all is well. But if there is a self created fear it will be against you then the Supreme Court is called as conspirator, so much so that the case which was being heard on the merits and which had not been decided yet and where the Governments (General (rtd) Musharaf) own counsel were delaying it on one pretext or an other. Let no one forget that I did not sit on either of the benches despite the fact that in accordance with the judicial system prevailing in Pakistan every judge is independent and therefore in a position to give a decision on any case placed before him. General (rtd) Musharaf has taken different positions and enumerated different reasons for justifying his actions of Nov 3 rd 2007. Details in this behalf I will discuss no sooner than I am released from this illegal custody which is against all norms of law and morality.

Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Chief Justice of Pakistan

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Students celebrated on the release of GOR detainees

By: Umar G

The GOR Detainees - students, lawyers and citizens standing guard outside the upright but ailing Justice Siddiqi's house - have been released. Today, at around 5: 30p.m, they were brought amidst great excitement to the Student Action Committtee's hunger strike camp outside the Press Club. Amidst the lound beat of dhols and thunderous clapping by the around 80 students, lawyers, mediapeople and ordinary by-standers, the detainees were heralded into the hunger strike camp which the students successfully manned for more than three long days and chilly, rainy nights. Finally ,the hunger and cold braved by students paid off in pressuring the government to release the innocent students and lawyers. We are particularly confident of the fact that it was not the government's magnanimity but our pressure which actualized this victory because of an intra-government fax that we were able to intercept, last night.

Students and lawyers made several fiery speeches at this moment of triumph. The students celebrated the fact that they had lived up to the challenge posed to them by staying united and committed until the release of their fellows. Both students and lawyers vowed to continue the struggle until the judiciary, constitution and fundamental freedoms are restored to Pakistan. Participats also thanked all the ordinary people who had expressed solidarity with the students during the last three days, and also the Press Club and the media community for their unflinching support. At the end there was a brief 'bhangra' session by students who could not contain their jubiliation at the release of their peers. Some by-standers, later identified as intellignece agents, could not resist joining in the dance. Although the students successfully identified the agents, the agents were forgiven and allowed to leave intact because the students would never stoop so low as to deny anyone some innocent fun. The gathering dispersed peacefully. Students dismatled the huger strike camp, cleaned the footpath and then left.

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Normal service will not be resumed any time soon in Bronwen Maddox

drain the heat from the crisis".

Petition for dropping charges against PU faculty

There is an online petition by the "Concerned Academicians of Pakistan" targetted towards current establishment for dropping of charges against 14 Punjab University faculty members.

To read the text of petition and/or sign it please visit The Petition Page

related link: Sedition case against 14 PU teachers(Dawn 18 November edition)

Sad but true, alas

Sad but true, alas

Javed Chaudhary writes sadly about Nawaz sharif's new decision of not boycotting from the elections. It's almost painful to realize how selfish most influential people in Pakistan are. And this new-age philosophy about "being practical", and about "being political"...... shameless is what these rascals are...... and helpless is what i am...... cuz i want to kill these bastards. i know i'm a part of a peaceful, non-violent protest, but i want to kill them all who say "pakistan first"..... or "awaam ki khaatir"...... selfish greedy bastards !!

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