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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sad but true, alas

Sad but true, alas

Javed Chaudhary writes sadly about Nawaz sharif's new decision of not boycotting from the elections. It's almost painful to realize how selfish most influential people in Pakistan are. And this new-age philosophy about "being practical", and about "being political"...... shameless is what these rascals are...... and helpless is what i am...... cuz i want to kill these bastards. i know i'm a part of a peaceful, non-violent protest, but i want to kill them all who say "pakistan first"..... or "awaam ki khaatir"...... selfish greedy bastards !!

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Mohammad Ali said...

Juni, "wanna kill them all","kill the bastards" ?????????????

I am not asking you to compromise on something, but please use a language which tells that whatever you are contributing is rationally motivated as well not just emotionally charged high pitched shrieks.

I am a great fan of your writing, but this stuff is not going to help.

junyDada said...

sometimes rational words are just not enough ali sahab, sometimes emotionally charged high pitched shrieks are all that there is. sorry if i hurt your feelings by calling someone a bastard, but i believe in calling a spade a spade. let's not take everything literally, let's not become so "rational" and "careful" that we lose touch with our own emotions. your suggestion is taken well, agli daffa huth hola rakhoon ga :)