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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Writeup from Jail - by detained students

Barrack 10, Camp Jail, Lahore
9th Dec. 07 (11 pm (?) - no clock here)

Dear All,

We are fine here (I won't bother you with the minor problems we face here)

Thanks to all those who expressed solidarity with us by staging sit-in at race course police station little after mid-night. SPECIAL THANKS to students from LUMS, FAST, UCL, and all those who were there. THANKS to the rapid response of the Students Action Committee who arrived there within an hour. Thanks to lawyers & human rights activists who got there.

THANKS to all those who expressed solidarity by staging protest rally at ferozpur road (opp. camp jail) the next day.

THANKS to the participants of the hunger strike camp at Lahore Press Club.

I salute you all.

Am [again] reminded of
"If not now - WHEN? If not us - WHO?"

To the silent majority - no comments.

We, the detainees here, find solace in:

Saba in phir dar-e-zandaan pe aa k di dastak
Sehar qareeb hai dil se keho na ghabraey

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