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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Update from GOR 10 Lahore

By: Umar G

As of this point there are still 30 students who are standing infront of the sub-jail where the GOR 10 heroes have been detained. Even at this late time of night and with the onset of rain, fog and cold, it is really heartening to see students from different universities in Pakistan are still fighting for the freedom of their brothers and sisters in arm.

Earlier today a message sent via fax from the Punjab Information Ministry was intercepted by the students. The message instructed the police to release the students by tomorrow after the immense pressure put on the government by NGOs, Human Rights Activists and students. They are expected to be released without charge tomorrow morning.

The policemen, like other common people who passed by, have expressed their solidarity to the cause 'off the record'. In fact a couple even lauded our resolute stance and commitment and prayed and hoped that we would be able to get rid of "the menace" soon (You all know who). In addition the students put a sticker on a police van which asked for the restoration of the judiciary and at the time of this report that had not been removed from the van. The students also gave flowers to the policemen who had stayed this late at night to perform their duty.

It is only a matter of time when these the barriers between the two will disappear and students and policemen will fight the struggle together.

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