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Friday, November 30, 2007

Letter from daughter of CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry

The following is the full text of a letter written by the daughter of Pakistan's deposed chief justice, obtained by the Guardian after it was smuggled out of his home where he and his family are currently detained under house arrest :

"I am a proud child"

This letter is for all the Judges who refused to take oath under PCO and who happen to be my uncles as well. I had never thought that one day I will have to convey my message to you people like this, through this mode but we know things are not smooth as they had been and it is one of our testing times.

This might be one of the crucial times we are facing but we should be proud that Allah chose us to sacrifice for this country. Yes it is indeed a sacrifice which we have to bequeath, not for ourselves but for this country. Ever since I opened my eyes I have seen my father affiliated with judiciary and now it is like a part of our lives. Our life is like a tree and judiciary is one of its branch. We have grown up with this branch and we cannot let anybody slice it. If we will not protect it then who else?

We may not be allowed to attend our schools or universities, we may have got our mobile phones blocked, we may not be allowed to meet anyone or go out, we may be kept in our homes like prisoners, we might be treated like militants or terrorists but WE DONOT CARE, because it's a time of sacrifice and we have to do it.

We are proud to have elders like you who have made us proud. You people have made our lives, not only for us but for our next generations as well. We will feel proud to tell our youngsters that our elders did not succumb to any kind of pressure no matter how hard things were around them. We will always walk with our heads high and our hearts filled with pride. Thank you so much for giving this immortal gift to us.
I hope all of you are in best of your health and would read this letter. Love you all.

Yours Pinky (Palwasha Iftikhar Chaudhry)


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Really great investment of time, if you have about 45 online minutes

Musharraf, the man of his words!!!

A really great video compilation of Musharraf's tenure and his statements over the past:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

APDM Boycotts Elections

APDM boycotts elections

Come to the rally on Nov 30

the repellent silence in valley of malice should b inhabited somehow ...
u, who's been crushed with brutality, must say something atleast, raise ur voice...
it may seem to be of no use but do complain to the cruel about his cruelty...
Speak Loud, shout, there must b something to originate the resound of the doom's day

What we miss while talkin abt democracy

A comment from ASDI while
Commentin on Imran's action of tearing nomination papers
is worth displaying here i guess. He tells us wht we usually miss while talkin abt democracy n just believe tht free n fair elections n the count of votes is all abt democracy...

ASDI said "remember what we never keep in mind
democracy is not fair elections only it is also chosing the candidate who desrves."

Boycott Elections Campaign - PMLN leadership contacts

It is critical for PML-N to opt for boycotting the sham elections that Musharraf is about to conduct without reinstating our judges. Please contact the PML-N leaders below and request them to boycott the elections and side with the judges, lawyers, students and civil soceity of Pakistan. See the contacts of PMLN Leadership at Thought Stream: Boycott Elections Campaign - PMLN leadership contacts:

Is there a safe passage?

By Javed HussainIN 1933, Hitler was nominated the chancellor of Germany by President Hindenberg. But before he could take office he was required to get his appointment approved by a new Reichstag (parliament).Afraid that his Nazi party would not win an absolute majority in the elections, Hitler decided to create a situation which would necessitate the imposition of an emergency. He engineered the burning of the Reichstag. Following this he got the president to issue an emergency decree for the ‘Protection of the people and the state’, which enabled him to suspend fundamental rights and imprison anyone without trial.The Reichstag elections were held in November 1933 in which the Nazi party got 43.9 per cent of the votes, not an absolute majority. Therefore, in order to free himself of any parliamentary restraint, he sought the passage of the ‘Enabling Act’, which would give him the power to make laws without the approval of the Reichstag.Since the Act deviated from the constitution, it needed a two-thirds majority to be adopted. Using subterfuge, intimidation and violence, he managed to get the Act passed by 444 votes to 94.He thus became a legal dictator and promptly brought all political and social institutions, including the press and the courts, under his control. But he made sure that the privileged position of the army was secured.Seventy-four years later Hitler’s extremist political credo is being replicated in Pakistan. In 1999, people had welcomed the Musharraf coup. Many thought that the saviour had finally arrived. They had great expectations for their country’s and their own future. Yet on Mar 9, their hopes came crashing down as he showed his true colours.He thought that by intimidating the Chief Justice he would force him to resign; he was surprised. He then filed a reference; he was surprised again.... But his scheme could fail if the political parties get their act together and spearhead the movement launched by the lawyers, journalists and civil society. If the movement reaches a crescendo before the elections, it could force a rethink on his western and local sponsors about the wisdom of supporting a person who has become a liability.One of Hitler’s cronies had thundered that “the government will brutally beat down everyone who opposes it. We do not say an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; no, he who knocks out one of our eyes will get his head cut off, and he who knocks out one of our teeth will get his jaw smashed in.”From the stage at the carnival in Islamabad [May 12], while the dead and the dying were lying in the streets of Karachi, the president had thundered in similar style.While the dissenters were “brutally beaten down”, they continue to resist. The courage, honour and sacrifice of people like Asma Jehangir, Aitzaz Ahsan, Munir Malik, Ali Ahmad Kurd, Tariq Mahmood, Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry and his colleagues, and Imran Khan, have not only turned them into national heroes, but also inspired the tormented people of Pakistan to rise from their slumber. He will be surprised yet again.Like Field Marshal Paulus and his 6th German Army at Stalingrad, he has been encircled. But unlike Paulus, a safe passage may yet be made available to him.The writer is a retired brigadier of the SSG of the Pakistan Army.( The above piece was posted on "Dawn" newspapers' opinion page, of the Nov. 28th circulation.)
The Emergency Times

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


In the time when Mush was "Chief Executive of Pakistan",can someone suggest a title for this photo ?

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Former Canadian Prime Minister "Especially Proud" He Didn't Join Iraq War

Former prime minister Jean Chretien says one of the major victories in his career was standing up against pressure to join the U.S. invasion of Iraq. During an exclusive interview with Canada AM's Beverly Thomson, Chretien says he doesn't worry about what kind of legacy he has left, saying that's up to other people to decide. more

Wait for the time when our Former 'President' will admit that he is "Especially Ashamed" of his role in Afghan, Wazirstan, Swat War. No sane can feel proud, for taking part in the massacre of so many peoples. There will be time when all such bullies will beg for pardon.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back in Pakistan, Sharif blasts Musharraf

Take look at what New York Times wrote after the arrival of Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan, one can distinguish the way they 'described' (especially the first paragraph) him as compared to other 'liberal' leaders of Pakistan.

As prime minister in the 1990s, Nawaz Sharif was a religiously conservative, nationalist leader who allowed the Taliban to flourish in Afghanistan and detonated a nuclear weapon despite an American plea not to.

Now Mr. Sharif is back in Pakistan after an eight-year absence, promoted by Saudi Arabia but seen by the Bush administration as a wild card who could complicate its support for the president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf. more…

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we must stand now! bohut ho gayee

ahhh judiciary :(

means the one who was responsible for providing justice is now himself in need of justice... though his office is a symbol of balance but it currently in others' hands...

1 dua


Imran Khan tears off his nomination papers

"I am tearing my nomination papers publicly because I feel that to even file my papers will be a betrayal of our judiciary. For the first time in 60 years history ... more

I dont know what to say at this decision !!!

Ali Ahmed Kurd files nominations to contest against Rasheed

RAWALPINDI: Ali Ahmed Kurd, an imprisoned leader of lawyers’ community, has filed nomination papers to contest elections against former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

I wish if all icons of resistance would have filed their nominations against all such LOTAS :)

I found this pleasantly amazing news from the 'TheNews' but could not found anymore details than presented above. If any of you knows anything more than that then do tell me ...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Student Action Committee Lahore issues Call


· Under the guise of emergency, on the 3rd of November a brutal attack was launched against the civil society of Pakistan which recently mobilized in unison with the judiciary and the lawyers.
· All the judges who stood by their oath to protect the constitution were removed and placed under house arrest. Moreover, the two judges blamed for releasing terrorists have taken oath under the PCO. There is no excuse for the treatment meted out to the judiciary.
· The media has effectively been silenced as have all opposing voices to the totalitarian regime.
· Fundamental human rights, including freedom of expression and assembly, right to association and right to life, liberty and property, have been taken away.
· A direct assault on the students has been made: talks and debates on academic campuses have been banned. Students are being threatened with expulsions and are being pressurized by a pseudo-student’s (non-democratic) organization. Threats have been made against the students’ future careers and job acquisitions.
· Thousands of people are in jail to date without any legal basis.
· Our industries and businesses have suffered immense losses in millions of rupees due to the aforementioned governmental policies.

If not Now, WHEN? If not Us, Who?
There is no neutrality anymore; SILENCE IS CONSENT. SPEAK!
Do not strengthen the forces of repression which plunder the life and liberties of innocent citizens. SPEAK!
“I will not remember the words of my enemies but the silence of my friends.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Raise your voice with ours for the restoration of the constitution and the judiciary; freedom of the media and release of protest prisoners to enable a democratic process to take root through free and fair election.
Join us to peacefully PROTEST on 30th of November near Salt & Pepper (Liberty) at 2:30 (after the Jumma prayers)

Student Action Committee

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The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military

An alternative theory: Kindly read and ponder over it !!! The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military by Ahmed Quraishi|

Disclaimer: I do not endorse the views suggested in the link. But being in academics, one cannot discard any theory without having significant reasons to do so. Comments welcomed !!

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Who Loves Pakistan?


How current regime operates in Pakistan is understood by many in many different ways. But to me the picture is dangerous, I love my country and have done so since I was a kid. This happens to be my identity.

Afghanistan's war was dragged first into Pakistan's tribal area by our rulers, now they have dragged this war into mainland Pakistan (Swat, Lal Masjid, etc.). We did not have many friends in Balochistan (because of how they were dealt with, of course) already. Now we do not have many friends left in NWFP. Sindh has its share of problems already, with water sharing and other disputes.

And currently we are going nowhere, we are not trying to improve the situation. With US already taken over Pakistan's nukes (ref: Pak nukes already under US control), planning to deploy its army to "protect" Punjab/Islamabad (ref: Pakistan's Collapse, Our Problem By FREDERICK W. KAGAN and MICHAEL O'HANLON), whats the message?

It seems to me they are waving bye bye off to the rest of what is left of our home Pakistan. Is this home going to be broken. I hope and pray that I am totally mistaken. But read the following article, see the map linked with it (attached below), the news is not good... Google on "Greater Middle East Project" and you will find a lot more stuff to read and to ponder upon e.g. Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a "New Middle East".

Blood borders
How a better Middle East would look
By Ralph Peters

International borders are never completely just. But the degree of injustice they inflict upon those whom frontiers force together or separate makes an enormous difference — often the difference between freedom and oppression, tolerance and atrocity, the rule of law and terrorism, or even peace and war.

The most arbitrary and distorted borders in the world are in Africa and the Middle East. Drawn by self-interested Europeans (who have had sufficient trouble defining their own frontiers), Africa's borders continue to provoke the deaths of millions of local inhabitants. But the unjust borders in the Middle East — to borrow from Churchill — generate more trouble than can be consumed locally.
more at ... and the map that goes along with it...

Long Live Pakistan
Numan Sheikh

Missing in Pakistan

Independently produced documentary about the abduction and illegal detention of Pakistani citizens by Pakistani intelligence agencies. The film is circulating informally among concerned citizens in Pakistan as the subject is too "hot" for commercial channels. This is truth-telling at its bravest, unflinching best.

Watch, share, distribute. Learn.
ALE Xpressed !: Missing in Pakistan

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Impressive videos from London Protest - must watch

On 17th of November, 2007, a large number of Pakistanis living in England, participated in a protest demonstration against the illegal imposition of Emergency in Pakistan. These participants include Students, Lawyers, Professionals, PTI workers and some other peoples from the civil society. Jamaima Khan, Hina Jillani, Shahbsz and the George Galloway were also there to record their protest, they also addressed the participants.
I have got the videos of that demonstration, that you might not have seen, these videos are really impressive. These videos will recharge you :)

Jamaima Khan, Talking to the media
Video thumbnail. Click to play
Comments of a participant, a must watch, he really knows how to avoid these kind of situations in future
Video thumbnail. Click to play
Impressive Chanting from the bottom of Heart, look at the enthusiasm. And dont miss the most famous "Hum Daikhain Gey" presented by a LUMS alumni at the end of this video
Video thumbnail. Click to play
George Galloway, he was angry at the way Pak Govt. dealt with Imran Khan. He always talks very bluntly without any fear, just like Imran Khan
Video thumbnail. Click to play

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

PPP with opposition ???

Pakistan People’s Party chairperson Benazir Bhutto has assured Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal President Qazi Hussain Ahmed that the PPP would go along with the other opposition parties over participation or boycott of elections.In a message sent to Qazi Hussain through Leader of the Opposition in Senate Raza Rabbani, the PPP chairperson said her party saw no possibility of fair and free elections and was filing nomination papers under protest.Ms Bhutto said she was ready to discuss all matters in a joint meeting of all political parties, says a JI press release.The PPP leader said that opposition parties would be in a better position to take a collective decision after the return of former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif on Sunday.

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Does Boycott hurt ?

The Bahawalpur and Multan registries of the LHC have been closed till further order.Dawn has learnt that the decision has been taken, apparently, owing to the ongoing boycott of post-PCO judges by lawyers and shortage of judges. Before the Nov 3 emergency imposition, the LHC strength was 31 which has now been reduced to 21.The notification says the cases will move to the principal LHC seat in Lahore.—Correspondent Dawn News

Yes it does hurt...

Since those judges were professionally "sacked" by lawyers' boycott, so it was not a bad idea to close these two benches of LHC.

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Living with the General

Source: The Morning Brief

Author: Joseph Schuman

With Pervez Musharraf’s reelection now confirmed by the Supreme Court he composed and the Pakistani president back in Washington’s good graces, the question is whether the rest of Pakistan’s body politic wants to participate in the general’s version of democracy.

Much of the international community remains critical of Gen. Musharraf’s de facto martial law — which is still in effect — and skeptical about his latest promise to step down as head of the military and serve as an exclusively civilian leader, though his aides say that could happen in the coming days. more…

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PCO valid: Important Step towards 'Kingdom of Pakistan'

"ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court has declared the enforcement of PCO and emergency valid. SC larger Bench headed by the Chief Justice Mr. Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar."

I guess that this was not a surprise for any of us, these puppets wont even dare to cause any problem in the way of Mush, in case if he "thinks" that making the so called "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" into a "Military Kingdom of Pakistan" is in the "Great Benefit of nation and country". This would also be a legal as per definition of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Convince PPP to boycott elections!

We would strongly urge everyone to contribute in anyway possible in regards to pressurizing PPP to boycott the upcoming election drama. Participation by 3 major parties (PPP, JUI-F and MQM) can give a semblance of legitimacy to these sham elections.

1) Contact the main leaders of PPP and show them your dissent. Below is their information. Please write/call/email/txt/ meet them in person to show your dissent with elections under emergency. Even if they don't pick up your call, THEY WILL READ YOUR SMSes! The main people to contact are:

Ms Sherry Rehman
Information Secretary
49-Old Clifton, Karachi
051-9224129, 021-5834663-4, 0300-8222881, Personal Mobile: 0300-5001420

Mr. Babar Awan
27-E, Ali Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. 051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000, Personal Mobile: 0300-5000161

Mr. Farhatullah Babar
Assistant to Mohtarma
Personal Mobile 0300-8552543

Senator Mohammad Enver Baig
House No. 5, Street 55, F-7/4, Islamabad
Tel: 2206778, Mobile: 0300-8542308; Fax: 2201107

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
H. No. 8, St. 19, F-8/2, Islamabad. 051-2282781, 2255264, Fax 2282741
Personal Mobile (old number) 0300-5000001 (might not be available on
this but her secretary Awan will probably be.)

Makhdoom Amin Fahim
Vice Chairman
11-A, 2nd Sun Set Street, DHA, Karachi, 021-5842140, 0228-31199, 051-2840588,
0300-9221234 E-mail:

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani
Vice Chairman
Gilani House, Ghaus-al-Azam Road, Multan, 155-B, Phase-I, Defence, Lahore
061-542424, 0300-8448141, 8730662; 042-5723234.
E-mail :

Mr. Jehangir Bader
Secretary General
140/107 Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. 042-5414990-1,
0300-8470402; 051-2276014, Fax 051-2276016. E-mail:

Mian Raza Rabbani
Deputy Secretary General
H. No. 14/II, St. 31, Phase-V, Ext. DHA, Karachi:
021-5865841-2, 0300-9291624, 051-9223854. E-mail:

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
Deputy Secretary General and President PPP Punjab
H. No.445, Bab-ul-Quresh, Muhallah Daulat Gate, Multan
061-4514666, 042-5712289, 0300-8634453, E-mail:

Mr. Sajjad Bokhari
Deputy Information Secretary
8 - Davis Road, Lahore
Tele: 042-63714559, 0300-8446754, E-mail:

Mr. Babar Awan
27-E, Ali Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. 051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000 Personal Mobile: 0300-5000141

Central Secretariat
Pakistan Peoples Party
House No. 1, Street 85, Sector G-6/4, Islamabad
Tel: (92-51) 2276014-5

In addition if you know who the PPP person for your relevant area is you can find his/her number at:

2) Student Council's of various universities, lawyers' associations, journalist associations' and other relevant groups should send press releases boycotting the elections under emergency and under the the puppet supreme court and that all parties which take part in the elections without the restoration of the judges will be condemned, boycotted and unjoined, etc. If you want your university's press release to be sent to newspapers, email them to or

3) Forward this message to as many mailing lists.

Make your voices heard!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

AOL.COM Presidential Poll RIGGED!

Video evidence showing that AOL.COM has rigged their Presidential Poll by using a script.

I guess they were not enough "technical", they need to get training from Pakistan. They were less "technical" thats why they thought of virtual rigging whereas we are capable of "successful rigging" during the actual poling ... we got the lead here !!!

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France: Five Million Civil Servants Join Strikes

It's Black Tuesday for French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Five million French civil servents have gone out on strike, joining millions of others already on the streets protesting planned reforms. more ...

Why can't this happen in Pakistan ? I know the people are angry at the present situation but they are reluctant to record their anger ... what are we waiting for ?

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The next law would be...

After reading the news, a joke flashed in my mind. The more I have thought about it, the more I am convinced that it was not a joke. It was more serious than anything else. Here goes the joke that I fear of:

"There was a ruler who used to make hostile laws towards his countrymen. After each of the laws he made, his ministers used to tell him that people will revolt and he will have to leave his position. He used to say ‘Nothing would happen’.

Once the ruler thought that he should show his ministers the phenomenon of people's reaction. So he announced a law, that every one will be beaten on his/her ass with a stick three times in the morning before he/she can go to study/work. The ministers once again told that ruler that the law is very harsh and people will not accept this and will throw you away. The ruler asked them to keep quiet for few days.

Few days after, this law had been implemented, the ruler announced that he will listen to people's problems in the center of the city on the coming Friday. On that day, the ruler took his ministers along and went to that place. A very big number of people were waiting for the ruler there. After the ruler and his ministers settled down, the ruler stood up and said 'Any one has any problems whatsoever?' A deep silence prevailed for quite some time and one man stood up. The ministers were very anxious to know what he would say. The man said, 'We get very late from our work because there are very few officials beating us in the morning. Please increase the number of officials so that we do not have to wait that longer."

I foresee this would be the next (or next to next) law announced by our illegitimate government. And I see the same response from people. Is any body out there who can dare telling me that I am expecting wrong?

Bush: 7 Years Ago

“It isn’t the role of the United States to say ‘We do it this way, so should you’“! This is insane. Bush says he wouldn’t nation build in Somalia, Haiti or Bosnia. He was right when he said a humble foreign policy is best. Too bad he has so little follow through on his words. more...

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Switzerland or War Zone

By: Imran (A LUMS Graduate Alumni who belong to Swat)

The helicopter hovers around over the houses so near that all the kids run outside and look at them yelling and shouting , the kids only see fun in it not realizing they will take part in a deadly game going on in the hills of SWAT.

Later you hear a strong blast most probably a rocket fired from the helicopter on the militants hideouts. Then you hear the shots in the cross-fire between the armed forces and the militants. Then the next day you see a figure told in the newspaper telling how many people died.

You see people pack up their goods and migrate leaving their small hut like houses which I am sure they would have made by working hard for years. The small girl carrying her little brother on her back following her parents going to an unknown destination. The women hidden from head to toe , puzzled and frightened walk quickly too to get to safer places.

Once known as the Switzerland of the region is now turned into a war zone.while I wonder how it all started , I do get agonized when I see my homeland , the place where I was born in , I lived in and the place I love the most is turned into a place where only chaos awaits and fear prevails. God bless Pakistan! I pray the current situation ends soon AMEEN!

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Imran Khan's Interview with CNN - 22nd November 2007

Talking very candidly on his time in Jail, PPP's stance and his agenda.

Tigers Don't Eat Grass

Tigers don't eat grass: Haroon Rashid's Column on Imran's Stance

Take a look and decide for yourself. In my opinion, politics is the name of compromise and dialog. If all other opposition parties don't boycott the elections, then it will be a big mistake for PTI to do so. We, at least, need a voice of reason even if it's going to be a rubber stamp parliament.

Ab main na rukoon ga

An Excellent Video by Insaf Youth Team. It summarizes the struggle over the two weeks after the most recent Martial Law.

A must watch!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Phase 3.1

Phase 3.1

At Pakistan’s Harvard, an anti-Musharraf mood .... by Nirupama Subramanian

Nirupama Subramanian wrote an interesting article about Student Movement in LUMS. It was printed by THE HINDU, one of the most well circulated English paper in INDIA. It's an interesting reading, do go through it.

Yet Another Flash Protest in DHA.......

Following is the link for the DAWN story titled as above which reflects the fact that some university students are holding 'flash' protests regularly particularly in DHA area of Lahore. for the complete page view :
good going guys, atleast somebody is out there trying to get message across.

Mush is doing Heck of Job: Bush

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Bhutto resisting call for poll boycott: Nawaz

Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday that rival opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was resisting his call for a boycott of Pakistan's crucial parliamentary elections.

Thats not a NEWS, everyone of us knows that BB and Fazlu won't do anything that can hurt Mushy. When we will get rid of such politicians who only care for their own benefit but keep on talking for their so called struggle for democracy !!! They definitely think that people are fool and they dont see their lust for rule at any cost.

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Bradford University Rally Cancelled

"Bradford University Rally has been cancelled as its primary focus was to free its chandellor Imran Khan. Since Imran Khan has been released the university cannot hold the rally as it cannot be seen to take a political stance"

We cannot expect others to protest for us, this is our fight and we have to face it by ourselves। Get prepared as soon as possible.

At last IMRAN KHAN released.........

Today, Imran Khan was released from Dera Ghazi Khan jail...........and over 5,000 people held are also released.

AFP story goes here:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pak nukes already under US control

Source: Times of India

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are already under American control even as analysts are working themselves into a lather on the subject, a well-regarded intelligence journal has said.

In a stunning disclosure certain to stir up things in Washington’s (and in Islamabad and New Delhi’s) strategic community, the journal Stratfor reported on Monday that the “United States delivered a very clear ultimatum to Musharraf in the wake of 9/11: Unless Pakistan allowed US forces to take control of Pakistani nuclear facilities, the United States would be left with no choice but to destroy those facilities, possibly with India’s help.” more…

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Musharraf asks KSA to refrain Nawaz from political activities

Thought Stream: Musharraf asks KSA to refrain Nawaz from political activities

Irresponsible journalism

Hey, why are we doing irresponsible journalism on this blog? Didnt we learn anything from Chachoo's speeches and those of his lotas?

Hold it, it's an emergency!

Hey, the tides are rough. The times are troubled. The Pakistani talibans are rampant on the streets. Lives and property arent safe.
Yes, it's bad। If it is so bad, then, how can we hold elections in January? I dont think it is humanly possible. It'll take seven more years to bring Pakistan back to its feet before law and order can be restored. Unless restoration of law and order means strategic placements of judges. What's going on?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trickle down effect

Shaukat aziz kay naam!!

How to save Pakistan

By: Imran Khan

Make no mistake; Pakistan faces a grave threat from the creeping chaos, a by-product of the most shameful demonstration of power politics. There are many threats confronting our society. The threat of extremism is just one which is essentially a consequence of policies that serve foreign interests at the cost of the fundamental rights of our citizens. On 9/11, yes, we should have stood with the US when it was attacked by terrorists. But our cooperation should have been within the ambit of our constitution and law. No civilized society will ever allow its own army, raised and armed at a great cost to society, to be used so mercilessly against its own citizens and expect business as usual. In a society where the majority is without fundamental rights, without education, without economic opportunities, without healthcare, the use of sheer force will only expand the extremist fringe and contract the majority moderate.Our military rulers are incapable of understanding that the real owners of the country are its people who must have the right as, political sovereigns, to decide without fear and coercion who should rule them. In India the only qualification for Lalo Prasad or his domestic housewife Rabri Devi to rule Bihar was the mandate of the people. Can we imagine our ruling elite ever accepting a similar peoples verdict. This fundamental question of ‘Who Owns Pakistan’ must be decided once and for all.

In the absence of democracy and rule of law, extremism and religious fundamentalism will continue to grow at a frightening pace। The more the present regime bows to Washington’s desire to “do more” and the more innocent Pakistani blood is shed under the garb of fighting the war on terror or curbing extremism, the more Pakistan moves towards becoming a “failed state”, and the more people would resort to picking up arms against the security forces.

We have got to stop being apologetic about us being Muslims !!!

Today, Muslims are the most downcast and lowest of the low nations in the world. We make more than 1 billion of the population, that's about 1/5th of the entire human population. Jews make about 15-20 million!! There's just no comparison between 15 and 1000. But still, we are beaten down in whatever metrics of comparison you can think of. There has only been one compensation for us for the past couple of centuries: Our pride in being Muslims. But it was always going to be a matter of just time, before that would also wither away. I'm afraid these are the days now, when we can't even take pride in calling ourselves muslims. We are most certainly apologetic when it comes to any aspect of Islam today. We want to pick and choose, just to show to the world, that we are "peaceful" "peace-loving", "loving" pack of brotherhood. We are apologetic!!!

What is the solution? Watch these two documentaries if you can take out about 50 minutes out of your life, then we can perhaps discuss what could be done!! Why are these two important? Because we have to understand the bigger picture before venturing into the solution. Who are the players involved? what is going on?

Islam & America: Through the Eyes of Imran Khan - Pakistan

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Hoping to hear soon from you:

Sign the Bradford University Petition for Imran's release

Bradford University is trying to free their chancellor, Mr. Imran Khan. Kindly take out time to sign the petition:

GEO's report regarding arrest of Imran Khan.......

This is video of GEO TV's bulletin regarding arrest of Imran Khan............................. At the end is the LUMS black week protest.

Thoughts from a tired, but joyous activist

Citizens Challenge Emergency Rule in Pakistan: Thoughts from a tired, but joyous activist

The General Holding Nukes as Hostage


Pakistan may face its ultimate destruction because of one person -its own military chief.

Having lost all other legitimacy, Musharraf is now bargaining with the west on a single point agenda.
"Allow me to stay in power, or else the nukes go into the militants hands. Only I (Repeat I), can safeguard the nukes. The west has a choice. Me or nuclear talibans."

If the people of Pakistan can not see through this fraudulent argument and take immediate actions to remove Musharraf from his job as the army chief as well as the President, they are any way going to be doomed. The US will determine its own method of protecting Pakistani nukes.Musharraf has now publicly admitted that he broke the law by imposing emergency. What does the constitution of Pakistan say for those who violate constitution. It is an act of treason.The struggle for restoration of democracy and justice must be launched from every street of Pakistan.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

How to protest

some suggestions as to what to do, a must read!!

Jo hona tha, wohi hua!!!

Exactly as expected, Mush's personal dogs (the new judges of the supreme court bench) gave a decision in his favour:

It says, Mush is going to visit Saudi Arabia for talks with King Abdullah on Tuesday. Wanna know how much of an "American dog" is our pious and precious Saudi regime?

It's a disgusting situation almost all around the world. Getting rid of one Mush is not the solution. They'll plant the next one after him. There are a lot of Mushes in the whole world right now. The first step to everything is to wake up!!! The forces working against us, the likes of oil companies and banking systems, are huge and powerful. The solution is to realize that this temporary prosperity due to some MNCs isn't real. It's only a matrix to give cover to an age old bloody dream of a single empire. Open your eyes, and see the patterns!!!

Columbian Revolution

Columbian model of revolution, a good article

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Do we even remember what we used to recite in schools?

lab pey aati hai dua banke tamanna meri

zindagi shamma ki surat ho Khudaya meri

ho mere dam se yuuN hi mere watan ki zeenat

jis tarah phool se hoti hai chaman ki zeenat

zindagi ho meri parwaane ki surat ya rab

ilm ki shamma se ho mujhko mohabbat ya rab

ho meraa kaam Garibon ki himayat karna

dardmandon se zaifon se mohobbat karna

mere allah burai se bachaana mujhko

nek jo raah ho us raah pe chalana mujhko

lab pey aati hai dua banke tamanna meri

zindagi shamma ki surat ho Khudaya meri

Imran Khan on hunger strike in jail

Imran Khan on hunger strike in jail, transported to Dera Ghazi Khan in handcuffs.

Source: Khabrain

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Foreign Office denies BBC report based on Musharraf interview

Saturday denied a BBC report that claimed President Pervez Musharraf had told the network in an interview that the country’s nuclear weapons could fall into wrong hands. In the interview the President had stated that these weapons could not fall into wrong hands, the Foreign Office spokesman said while commenting on the BBC report. “This report is a complete distortion of the President’s interview,” the spokesman said. The spokesman said that contrary to the report, President Musharraf had reiterated that the nuclear weapons “cannot fall into wrong hands”. “He (President) had argued that because the military organization is responsible for their safety and security, our strategic assets are totally secure and in no danger of falling in wrong hands,” the spokesman said.

This is the same this Govt. has been doing since a long time - First issue a statement then keep on lying/denying didn't this happen in case of Emergency ... remember how hardly all of them was rejecting the possibility and then you saw it happen

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


When powers of tyranny approach to grapple us by throat, when they reach out to make us blind, when they want us mute and deaf, they defy the nation of its most trusted and honest source of information.............that is the independent media.

Today around a 100 LUMS faculty members and students gathered in the evening to register their protest against the actions of the Governemnt to enforce a closure on GEO & ARY TV in a unique candle light procession naming it "Light the way to freedom". Symbolising the new "Social Movement" and the fact that it was not possible without the intiatives of the independent media especially GEO TV & ARY ONE WORLD, the two top news channels in the country.

The Students & Faculty members remarked that a new social moement is under way, and the independednt media had a significant role to play, the government fearing that the mdeia will fuel this social reawakening, is taking steps to tame them. But, in the time to come, it will be proven that these very steps to curb acces the access to information to the pakistani public were the catalyst of a new social awareness and change.

What if Allama Iqbal were alive ???

Justice (r) Javaid Iqbal (son of Dr. Allama Iqbal was quoted saying to reporters that it is a blessing Allama Iqbal is dead today. Had Allama Iqbal been alive today, he would have been either a judge or a lawyer and getting beaten up by high school dropouts of Punjab police.

I think we need to tell Javed Iqbal that our king says (only says) 'SAB SE PEHLE PAKISTAN', so what if Allama Iqbal would have been beaten ? If this were in the 'Widest Interest of Nation and Country' then the Bravo King Mushy would not have let Allama go ... Did he ever done something for SAB SE PEHLE PAKISTAN ?

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Geo, ARY shutdown

KARACHI ( 2007-11-17 01:51:49 ) :
Pakistani-owned ARY and GEO channels beamed out of Dubai media city were shut down by the authority at 1 am Pakistan time.Both the channels' owners had earlier informed the media that the UAE authorities had asked them to shut down thir transmissions. Read details ...

This is a bullshit, Govt. is doing everything to make this nation rise. What are you waiting for ?

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Geo TV network being closed: TV report

There are reports that the government of Pakistan is using its influence with a foreign country to get the Geo TV network closed down. It should be noted that Geo news and its entire sister channels had been closed down across Pakistan after the imposition of emergency. Earlier, the cable operators in Pakistan were forced to close all channels being operated by Geo Network and the Pakistani viewers were deprived of the great source of information. However, the Geo TV was on air from its Dubai office. The latest developments are that the government of Pakistan has gone to the limit of seeking the closure of Geo News network across the globe through a country.

What a shame, i hate extremists and you recognize them very well, don't you ?

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Advantage of Cowardice by Bertrand Russel

[Old but still relevant, You'll find yourself siding with last two lines of Russell, hopefully..... aZ]

During the French Revolution, when the Reign of Terror came to an end, it was found that no one was left alive among the politicians except prudent cowards who had changed their opinions quickly enough to keep their heads on their shoulders. The result was twenty years of military glory, because there was no one left among the politicians with sufficient courage to keep the generals in order. The French Revolution was an exceptional time, but wherever organisation exists cowardice will be found more advantageous than courage. Of the men at the head of businesses, schools and lunatic asylums, and the like, nine out of ten will prefer the supple lickspittle to the outspoken man of independent judgement. In politics it is necessary to profess the party programme and flatter the leaders; in the navy it is necessary to profess antiquated views on naval strategy; in the army it is necessary to maintain a mediaeval outlook on everything; in journalism wage slaves have to use their brains to give expression to the opinions of millionaires; in education professors lose their jobs if they do not respect the prejudices of the illiterate.

The result of this state of affairs is that in practically every walk of life the men who come to the top have served a long apprenticeship in cowardice, while the honest and courageous have to be sought for in workhouses and prisons. Is this regrettable?

The modern world, owing to industrialism, requires social co-operation more than it was required in any earlier stage in the world's history. Now there are three reasons for which you may co-operate with a man: Because you love him and because you fear him, or because you hope to share the swag. These three motives are of differing importance in different regions of human co-operation: The first governs procreation, and the third governs politics. But the ordinary everyday business of government, whether in the state or in any other social institution, depends upon fear. A collection of fearless men would be ungovernable. The Vikings were men whom the King of Norway found ungovernable; They left Norway because they would not submit themselves to his sway. After a few centuries of adventure, they became peasants in the frozen valleys of lceland.

Consider, as a contrast, the great Duke of Marlborough. He secured the first steps in his career by causing his sister to become the mistress of James II. His great days were due to the passionate friendship between his wife and Queen Anne. Whenever he fought the French he beat them, but he was always ready to refrain from fighting if the King of France made it worth his while. He left a great name, and a great fortune, and his descendants to this day are patterns for patriots. The arts of success have changed little since his day, in spite of the nominal advent of democracy. Now, as in the past, if you wish for success you should be insinuating and pusillanimous rather than bold and self-reliant.

To those, therefore, whose ambition it is to die in the odour of sanctity, respected by bank managers, admired by friends and neighbours, and universally regarded as models of what a citizen should be, my advice is: Don't express your own opinions but those of your boss; Don't endeavour to realise ends which you yourself think good, but pursue rather those aimed at by some organisation supported by millionaires; In your private friendships select influential men if you can, or and failing that, men whom you judge likely to become influential. Do this, and you will win the good opinion of all the best elements in the community.

This is sound advice, but for my part, I would sooner die than follow it.

Imran Khan 3 Sister beaten like hell on street by police

Look at the inhuman acts of the 'State Owned/Supported Terrorists', do you still have any doubts that all of this being done for 'SAB SE PEHLE PAKISTAN' ? Isn't it crystal clear yet ? And remember these stae terrorists were doing this under the direct supervision of CM Punjab. Who doesn't know that the most inhuman and the most immoral people are working with Mush. Jamaima rightly said that the Musharaf is the Biggest Terrorist, What do you think ?

Wake up and Get out !!

I think we're waiting for that day when our own sisters would be treated like this, or perhaps even then we won't do anything, cuz you know we always got so many better things to do!!

what is the difference between the way the "enlightened moderates" and "talibans" treat women!!! "no difference" an enlightened should conclude now. but atleast talibans aren't baighairat like us to just sit home and watch, and atleast also they don't let the whole society get plagued with vulgarity and skin showing tough competition, all in the name of freedom of mother fuckin' expression!!

Hamid Gul shifted to House, Is Saudi Arabia becoming another Amreeeka ?

Detained ex ISI chief Lt General Hamid Gul was quietly shifted to his house in Rawalpindi from Adiala jail, apparantly under Saudi Royal family pressure, his family said on Wednesday. His residence was declared as subjail and huge amount of Police force was present outside his home. All the phones and mobile phones were jammed.

Mush will probably say that he did this in the great 'interest' of country ... but we know that Saudi Arabia asked him to release Gul. It turns out that Saudi Arabia is becoming the main player in the Pakistani politics after America.

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Bhutto asks US to facilitate exit strategy for Musharraf

Source: Geo News

LAHORE: Urging the Bush Administration to facilitate an “exit strategy” for President Pervez Musharraf, former Pakistan Premier Benazir Bhutto has warned that if the General remained in power that would mean the takeover of her country by the al-Qaeda and Taliban.

” I can tell you that if General Musharraf stays, al- Qaeda or Taliban people taking over the country will become a reality,” Bhutto said in an interview to US channel. (more…)

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Students of eight varsities to protest against emergency

ISLAMABAD: The students from eight universities of the Potohar region on Wednesday announced a nationwide protest against the emergency rule imposed by the president. Zubair Abbas, the JSM chief coordinator, told newsmen at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) that the students would hold peaceful demonstrations on the premises of their universities for 10 days and announce their future line of action thereafter. He said the universities in which students would protest the emergency rule included IIUI, Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), National University of Modern Languages (NUML), FAST, Rifha University, University of Engineering, Taxila, University of Arid Agriculture and Federal Urdu University. Abbas said the students' demands included lifting emergency, restoration of Constitution, reinstation of the deposed judges who refused to take oath under the PCO, end to the army's role in politics, halt to ongoing military operations in the country's various parts, restoration of student unions and removal of the ban imposed on media. Staff report

-- Daily Times

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of traitors and backstabbers...

By V at 1:23 AM on November 15, 2007

Dogs and wolves, by their very nature, have a habit of scent-marking their territories, patrolling regularly their poo-marked areas in search of food, injecting fear in non-hostile critters and such are their insecurities that even a slight sniff of intrusion turns them violent and bloodthirsty. Such have been the acts of Islami Jamiat Talaba, the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, in Lahore's Punjab University since long; threatening, harassing and even murdering those who do not subscribe to their point of views. And such were their shameless actions yesterday, which were contrary to the spirit of their recently announced Pakistan Bachao Tehrik. Perhaps. they feared being reduced to insignificance in their own sty had they let someone else lead the procession - after all, the majority of the students in PU aren't their followers and they themselves could one day be forced out if the genuine students ever rose against them. Their bozo-e-aala Nasrullah Goraya has come up with the lamest of reasons for handing Imran Khan over to the police - and that is, they'd vowed to keep the student movement free from politics. An apolitical movement by Jamiat is as oxymoronic as Altaf Hussain delivering a telephonic sermon on Human Rights. Whatever the real reason may have been, there can be absolutely no remission for such actions.

The students of PU and other institutions will be well advised to stay away from the protest rallies of gun-totting crackpots that make up IJT.

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Pakistan police charge Khan

Pakistani police charge Imran Khan under anti-terrorism laws after his first appearance under the emergency.
It looks like everyone except the 'Lottas' are now terrorists, this is the actual episode of Mush's 'War on Terror'

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watch out BB. He might get you arrested, too.

Yup, parha likha Punjab

This will surely help in his goal of Parha Likha Punjab.

Pakistan Bachao Tehrik

They've already started their Pakistan Bachao Tehrik by having Imran Khan arrested. Way to go morons!

Imran Khan arrested at Pakistan protest - JAMAAT showed its real FACE

Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan is arrested after appearing for the first time since emergency rule. He was detained after going to the University of Punjab in Lahore to address a protest by students against President Pervez Musharraf.

Mr Khan was initially held for an hour by students from the Jamaat-e-Islami party after a standoff on the campus. After all Jamaat did what they were 'supposed' to do, this will lead to the fall of APDM finally. As Molana Fazlur-rehman already have 'reservervation' for APDM though he doesn't have any for taking part in elections under the umbrells of 'Emergency', and now the Jamaat stabed one of the opposition leader from behined.

When are we gonna get rid of these BLACK SHEEPS ?

All the friendly opposition is moving around under the Govt. protocols and the guy who opposes Govt. in its original sense, is taken out of the scene. What a joke !!!

“I came to the university to lead a rally of students against the dictator Musharraf and his illegal actions,” Khan said. “I would have presented myself for arrest in full public view but my goal was to set in motion a student movement.” Khan spoke to AFP by telephone shortly after he was detained while trying to lead a rally at Lahore’s Punjab University. He said he was betrayed by a group of students. “The majority of the students were with me there but a group of them from Islami-Jamiat-Tuliba collaborated with the administration and police,” Khan said. “They took me into the office and then forced me out into a van. They did not allow me to be arrested publicly.” He added: “I have achieved my purpose. I have started the student movement, I have set the tone for it.” Police earlier confirmed they had arrested Khan and would place him back under house arrest, which he slipped out from more than a week ago.

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Positions Vacant !!!

Courtesy Nawaiwaqt

Talat Hussain's Hard Talk with Magistrate Islamabad, 03 Nov 2007

Look how they implemented the orders to shut down the transmissions, this is another view that this whole display was illegal.

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Pakistan’s Pinstripe Revolution

[quote]Gen. Pervez Musharraf never wanted to be a politician. But his emergency decree has made the return of civilian politics inevitable.[/unquote]

News week on musharraf and current state of affairs in Pakistan

New ammendments to Pakistan Army Act (1952)!....... It's happenning

In a Nov 9 entry in my blog regarding amendments to Pakistan Army Act 1952 (, I mentioned that it looks like the ground work for Summary Military Courts. The news out now predicts the same.

It has been a common practice in past to enforce SMC's during Martial Laws, it brings a swift justice mechanism, according to wishes of the government. Supposedly in an SMC, unlike civilian courts, the accuser is by default considered guilty and he has to prove himself innocent. The accuser is not given "benefit of the doubt" and charged with the crime in such a condition.

The military act is amended as a Presidential Act, which means it has a temporary status in constitution (yes the one which is held in abeyance now, for the fourth time by a Chief of Army Staff in Pakistan).

I am concerned primarily about two things:

1. In future, if the elections are not fair or the King's Party(PML-Q) comes to power, they might get it approved on a simple majiority and make it a part of constitution (yes we actually have one, the 1973 constitution, remember???? ).

2. For the time being they are setup in disturbed areas of SWAT & FATA. FATAhas no judicial system in place, a condition for their inclusion in Pakistan in 1947, Miliary Courts can provide an alternative option for swiftly tucking away the "TERRORISTS". But who is going to stop the General from enforcing them in major cities and settled part of our country? Just like Gen. Ayub or Gen. Zia did?

I fear the day when they will start to operate all over the country, it will be big blow to already justice deprived nation of Pakistan.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

US wants Benazir as pakistani PM or turning the guns towards pakistan?

for details see the following link

plz comment wht u perceive from it

Advise to Students by a Student


... Processions and peaceful protests are marks of civilized societies. The most civilized and developed nations have the most active, vibrant and politically knowledgeable student bodies. There is a difference between a good student and a zombie. Some of my most brilliant student friends are politically the most active ones.

Please shed the mentality of Zia era when students were put to the task of cramming their books. Nothing good came out of that. De-politicizing the society is the aim of all military dictators and all of them start it from universities. Their favorite mantra is ‘Be a good student’. Let me assert. Only a politically aware student can be a good student.

The house is on fire. We love our books but we also love the home we call Pakistan. We love our books but we also love our rights. We love our books but we also want to be citizens of a democracy.

We love our books but we hate dictators.

With apologies to Iqbal

Ghaafil ko jo hay des mayn parhnay ki ijazat

Nadaan yeh samajhta hay kay Insaan hay azaad.

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Laughter is the best medicine :D

when you're tired of being all serious, and want to laugh your ass off, try this website where people write to the dear president of pakistan:

Scared ? Huh !

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Pak crisis and US strategic interests

Money, the only God left !!

Who have been the greatest men in the history of the world? What has been their objectives of life? What were their value systems? What was the importance of money in their lives? What has happened now? Why is it that nobody wants to be a great person like before? Why is it that all the parents want their kids to not be great men? Since when did the definition of a great person change? How is it that the general perception today is that money equals success? Why is it that we're striving through all means to be this great successful person according to this warped new definition which has no historical or religious connection? Why is it that when God has promised our sustenance in Quran, we don't believe His words and instead put all our efforts in only getting more and more sustenance? Why is it that what He's actually asked us to do in this life, we aren't doing that? What is the relationship of His orders with the lives of the greatest men in history?

Do we believe in any God other than Money?

War on rights continues


Change of clothes

My uncle was afraid of changing his clothes because the legitimacy of the new suit that he got tailored for himself had been questioned and under hearing at the apex court. He got sick of the whole thing and imposed emergency wearing his old suit. So now, there arent any opposing judges, the opposing politicians are either hiding, under house arrest or exported to Saudi Arabia. He's got nothing to fear now. He can now put on his new suit and put his old suit away forever, but he isnt. He's saying that he's waiting for the supreme court decision. OK, let me get this straight. First you blamed the emergency on prolonging of the hearing, saying how you wanted a quick decision. Now you want to prolong it yourself. Twisted! Chachoo diyan chalakiyan!
He's announced parliamentary elections. The opposition politicians, are where I already mentioned they are. Aunti gee for some reason has official protocol. She arrived in Lahore with police, fire brigade and ambulances in tow. His favorite people are in advertisements on the state owned TV. There's no other TV on air. When will anyone else campaign? Who's gonna win? It's anyone's guess. Oh, I remember now. Chachoo says, we are not ready for democracy yet. We're not mature enough to decide yet, so he'll just decide for us. Thanks Uncle, I cant imagine what it would be without you. I cant imagine it, because you just dont seem like going away, ever.

New fronts of protest are opening up every day......

"If they thought that a week into emergency rule they'd be able to silence dissent, they haven't, However weak or fledgling, new fronts of protest are opening up every day." Aasim Sajjad, Professor of colonial history and political economy at LUMS, associated with the People's Rights Movement and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, as reported by on 11th November.

The picture is of Asim Sajjad's arrest on 04th November, from the office of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, within 24 hours of declaration of the state of emergency(read Martial Law). He was put to jail but released a few days later.

Reported by: Naween A. Mangi in Karachi, Pakistan on