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Friday, November 23, 2007

Tigers Don't Eat Grass

Tigers don't eat grass: Haroon Rashid's Column on Imran's Stance

Take a look and decide for yourself. In my opinion, politics is the name of compromise and dialog. If all other opposition parties don't boycott the elections, then it will be a big mistake for PTI to do so. We, at least, need a voice of reason even if it's going to be a rubber stamp parliament.

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Muhammad Islam said...

Visited Islamabad PTI office yesterday and seen Imran Khan though we went to meet some local Islamabad political leaders. We found him there. He was looking so weak, had a press conference there.

Got feedback from all of us, some of them came from as far as Mianwali. His own statement was to boycott the election under musharregime and PCO. But more than 60% of people there were asking him to take part in Election (I wasn't one of them, nor i'd like to be).

He is going to decide in a Max tomorrow. But the way he was talking to people and getting feedback, I had no option but to impress.

Anyways, in my opinion he is very sincere and everyone should support him.

May Allah bless us all and may we get rid of this MuSHARRegime.