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Friday, November 23, 2007

France: Five Million Civil Servants Join Strikes

It's Black Tuesday for French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Five million French civil servents have gone out on strike, joining millions of others already on the streets protesting planned reforms. more ...

Why can't this happen in Pakistan ? I know the people are angry at the present situation but they are reluctant to record their anger ... what are we waiting for ?

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Usman UETian said...

We'll soon do that, inshallah!

Well, I wanted to creat a new topic, but don't know how to! Anyway, I'll see that later. Right now, I have some important message for the RISE OF Pakistan movement.

I belong to UET, and LUMS people are doing a commendable effort in channeling the students' frustration. At a time when all students should have boycotted everything and come out, only LUMS is out there. Why is that so? I attemp to explain in the coming lines.

UET has a population of close to 8000 bullies, who can be a visible force. But AT THE TIME OF OUR ADMISSION TO UNIVERSITY, we are to take an oath that we won't participate in any political activity(and wearing armbands IS a political activity, mind you!) within the campus, Morover, we can be thrown out of the campus without mentioning any reason, WE DON"T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO CHALLENGE IT IN A COURT!

And yes, people at UET are lergely apathetic to politics, but I am not. And there are many like me, who are'nt. We are in a process of creating a network of politically active students, so that we can take part in the coming protest. For now, I would urge people from LUMS, PU and FAST to try to constitute a collective body, which should take decisions about future protests. Then, there should be people from all universities, who should work as activists, to take the message on and invite the students. I would like to know from those who have organized the LUMS protest to kindly enlighten me on this issue.

Akeel ur Rehman Faridee said...

dear usman, send an email at or INSHALLAH you will find encouraging news about the movement, joint efforts for protests. Ask whatever you want to know at any of the above email address.