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Friday, November 23, 2007

The next law would be...

After reading the news, a joke flashed in my mind. The more I have thought about it, the more I am convinced that it was not a joke. It was more serious than anything else. Here goes the joke that I fear of:

"There was a ruler who used to make hostile laws towards his countrymen. After each of the laws he made, his ministers used to tell him that people will revolt and he will have to leave his position. He used to say ‘Nothing would happen’.

Once the ruler thought that he should show his ministers the phenomenon of people's reaction. So he announced a law, that every one will be beaten on his/her ass with a stick three times in the morning before he/she can go to study/work. The ministers once again told that ruler that the law is very harsh and people will not accept this and will throw you away. The ruler asked them to keep quiet for few days.

Few days after, this law had been implemented, the ruler announced that he will listen to people's problems in the center of the city on the coming Friday. On that day, the ruler took his ministers along and went to that place. A very big number of people were waiting for the ruler there. After the ruler and his ministers settled down, the ruler stood up and said 'Any one has any problems whatsoever?' A deep silence prevailed for quite some time and one man stood up. The ministers were very anxious to know what he would say. The man said, 'We get very late from our work because there are very few officials beating us in the morning. Please increase the number of officials so that we do not have to wait that longer."

I foresee this would be the next (or next to next) law announced by our illegitimate government. And I see the same response from people. Is any body out there who can dare telling me that I am expecting wrong?

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Akeel ur Rehman Faridee said...

i wear that you "might" be right at this point