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Friday, November 23, 2007

AOL.COM Presidential Poll RIGGED!

Video evidence showing that AOL.COM has rigged their Presidential Poll by using a script.

I guess they were not enough "technical", they need to get training from Pakistan. They were less "technical" thats why they thought of virtual rigging whereas we are capable of "successful rigging" during the actual poling ... we got the lead here !!!

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France: Five Million Civil Servants Join Strikes

It's Black Tuesday for French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Five million French civil servents have gone out on strike, joining millions of others already on the streets protesting planned reforms. more ...

Why can't this happen in Pakistan ? I know the people are angry at the present situation but they are reluctant to record their anger ... what are we waiting for ?

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The next law would be...

After reading the news, a joke flashed in my mind. The more I have thought about it, the more I am convinced that it was not a joke. It was more serious than anything else. Here goes the joke that I fear of:

"There was a ruler who used to make hostile laws towards his countrymen. After each of the laws he made, his ministers used to tell him that people will revolt and he will have to leave his position. He used to say ‘Nothing would happen’.

Once the ruler thought that he should show his ministers the phenomenon of people's reaction. So he announced a law, that every one will be beaten on his/her ass with a stick three times in the morning before he/she can go to study/work. The ministers once again told that ruler that the law is very harsh and people will not accept this and will throw you away. The ruler asked them to keep quiet for few days.

Few days after, this law had been implemented, the ruler announced that he will listen to people's problems in the center of the city on the coming Friday. On that day, the ruler took his ministers along and went to that place. A very big number of people were waiting for the ruler there. After the ruler and his ministers settled down, the ruler stood up and said 'Any one has any problems whatsoever?' A deep silence prevailed for quite some time and one man stood up. The ministers were very anxious to know what he would say. The man said, 'We get very late from our work because there are very few officials beating us in the morning. Please increase the number of officials so that we do not have to wait that longer."

I foresee this would be the next (or next to next) law announced by our illegitimate government. And I see the same response from people. Is any body out there who can dare telling me that I am expecting wrong?

Bush: 7 Years Ago

“It isn’t the role of the United States to say ‘We do it this way, so should you’“! This is insane. Bush says he wouldn’t nation build in Somalia, Haiti or Bosnia. He was right when he said a humble foreign policy is best. Too bad he has so little follow through on his words. more...

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Switzerland or War Zone

By: Imran (A LUMS Graduate Alumni who belong to Swat)

The helicopter hovers around over the houses so near that all the kids run outside and look at them yelling and shouting , the kids only see fun in it not realizing they will take part in a deadly game going on in the hills of SWAT.

Later you hear a strong blast most probably a rocket fired from the helicopter on the militants hideouts. Then you hear the shots in the cross-fire between the armed forces and the militants. Then the next day you see a figure told in the newspaper telling how many people died.

You see people pack up their goods and migrate leaving their small hut like houses which I am sure they would have made by working hard for years. The small girl carrying her little brother on her back following her parents going to an unknown destination. The women hidden from head to toe , puzzled and frightened walk quickly too to get to safer places.

Once known as the Switzerland of the region is now turned into a war zone.while I wonder how it all started , I do get agonized when I see my homeland , the place where I was born in , I lived in and the place I love the most is turned into a place where only chaos awaits and fear prevails. God bless Pakistan! I pray the current situation ends soon AMEEN!

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Imran Khan's Interview with CNN - 22nd November 2007

Talking very candidly on his time in Jail, PPP's stance and his agenda.

Tigers Don't Eat Grass

Tigers don't eat grass: Haroon Rashid's Column on Imran's Stance

Take a look and decide for yourself. In my opinion, politics is the name of compromise and dialog. If all other opposition parties don't boycott the elections, then it will be a big mistake for PTI to do so. We, at least, need a voice of reason even if it's going to be a rubber stamp parliament.

Ab main na rukoon ga

An Excellent Video by Insaf Youth Team. It summarizes the struggle over the two weeks after the most recent Martial Law.

A must watch!