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Friday, December 7, 2007

Musharraf's Throne!

The following artwork is on display at the National Art Gallery Islamabad, it is titled "Throne of Pakistani Government". Lets pray Musharraf doesn't make the artist 'disappear' like the judges, lawyers, TV channels, teachers, students and political activists.

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Shaukat Aziz on ECL

By: Mohammad Ali posted on
at 28/11/2007 5:49 AM

Through a Source, I have learned Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is on ECL. He is under-investigation by NAB.

Some local newspaper had also reported this as the reason for His corruption in Stock Exchange & for Scams of Steel Mill, on which CJP had Void the Privatization Deal had given Bad Name to Musharaf Regime.

Selling of 300+ Billion Rupees Steel Mill asset @ 30 Billion Rupees was halted. The Prime Minister also faced a NO-CONFIDENCE Vote for this Transaction.

Musharaf is believed to be angry with Shaukat Aziz, reason he made Public Sector SCAMs for Which Q-League is also happy as the beneficiary of these Scams wasnt Member of Q-League but his Personnel Freinds.

The Reason he wasnt given Q-League Ticket is believed to be the same reason ..

In Pakistan you have chronical political turm-oil & Musharaf had reassesed this situation & the blame game in Q-League had massively pointed their Finger on Shaukat Aziz.

My Uncle said before Pre-3rd Nov 2007, that Shaukat Aziz will not contest. Because Military doesnt use an already used person..

Sad ending Shaukat Aziz.

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voice of Bush is not the voice of all America

Republican Lofgren praises Munir Malik, demands restoration of judges * Democrat Delahhunt says Pakistanis engaged in epic democratic struggle

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: Compared to just two congressman who turned up on Wednesday to listen to the image repair team led by Dr Nasim Ashraf on Capitol Hill, a parallel meeting organised by a coalition of Pakistani-American organisations attracted seven congressmen and a senator who delivered fiery speeches calling for the supremacy of the rule of law in Pakistan.

The 'Pakistan Day on the Hill' was organised by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens led by the Asian American Network against Abuse of Human Rights (ANAA) and made up of seven like-minded organisations. They were addressed by a bipartisan group of legislators namely Representatives Harry E Mitchell, Zoe Lofgren, Bill Delahunt, Steve J Israel, Nita Lowey, Trent Franks, Nick Joe Rahall, and Senator Claire McCaskell.

Malik praised: Lofgren called for the restoration of the deposed judges and expressed praise for former Supreme Court Bar Association president Munir Malik, who was his classmate at a US law school. He recalled that Malik had left a lucrative career in this country to return to Pakistan. He said the way lawyers had been treated in Pakistan was an outrage. He reminded Pakistanis that the voice of Bush is not the voice of all America. He called for free and fair elections in Pakistan and the restoration of the rule of law.

Lofgren said, "How can a nation fight terrorism unless it respects the due process of law. She said what the lawyers of Pakistan have done has become a role model for everyone, and not necessarily in Pakistan, but everywhere else. She said the United States should not base its policy on the basis of short-term gain and temporary alliances. She observed that the US has failed the people of Pakistan as it has fallen short of upholding its own standards. The people of Pakistan, she added, are not extremists and they deserve support in their democratic struggle.

'Epic' democratic struggle: Delahhunt, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said the people of Pakistan are engaged in an epic democratic struggle. He said he was a lawyer by profession himself, adding, "and I am so proud of Pakistani lawyers for speaking up. It bespoke well of this noble profession because they showed courage and honoured the very spirit of law." He declared, "Let me assure Pakistan's lawyers that we will stand by them and we will continue to monitor the situation. The real United States will stand up for human rights."

Rep Lowey, who chairs the powerful appropriations committee, recalled her visit to Pakistan this summer but confessed that she was taken aback by the events of November 3 when a state of emergency was declared by Gen (r) Musharraf. She said she "passionately" feels about the issue of democracy in Pakistan and supports those waging the present struggle.

Rep Israel said voices of dissent in Pakistan are being "squelched". In his view, the reinstatement of the judiciary is "very important." He compared the new oath taken by some Pakistani judges to an oath taken in October 1936 by German judges, in which they expressed their allegiance not to the German constitution but to Adolf Hitler. "If you lose your judges, you lose your freedom. For society to progress, an independent judiciary is a must." He said he had visited Pakistan with a congressional delegation and met Musharraf, who had asked Congress to "support me". That, he added, made it clear "that Musharraf was placing himself over his people."

Rep Franks called Pakistan a vital and crucial US partner in the fight against terrorism. The people of Pakistan are committed to the rule of law and constitutional government. Musharraf, he added, had done some good things but he had made a "terrible error" by destabilising the constitution and the very foundations of Pakistan. It is not a good situation, he added, in a country with a nuclear arsenal that can be seized by the wrong people, although Pakistan's nuclear weapons are well protected for the present. He called for "government by law not by whim".

Rep Rahall called Pakistan a friend and ally in the war on terror. "What should be important to America is the country, not the individual," he stressed – a reference to Bush's support for President Musharraf. He regretted the firing of Pakistani judges and said that no American president, regardless of how much he disliked some judges, could fire them. The American people would not allow that.

Senator McCaskell told the meeting that there could be no freedom without the rule of law. She said America wants a strong relationship with Pakistan, but with a Pakistan that respects the rule of law. She assured those struggling for democracy that "we stand with you shoulder to shoulder".

Source: Daily Times

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Germany against emergency rule, judges' ouster and media curbs

German Counsel General in Karachi Hans-Joachim Kiderlen said on Thursday that Germany did not endorse either the emergency rule in Pakistan or other controversial measures, such as the ouster of Supreme Court judges, the curbs imposed on the media and mass arrests of political leaders and activists.

Speaking at a Quetta Press Club 'meet the press' programme, he said the German government was as critical of the imposition of emergency in the country as any other country in the world. However, due to insufficient communication and the language barrier, some segments of society believed the German government's reaction had been soft and not too critical of the present regime.

Restore democracy: "We have not maintained double standards with regards to the situation in Pakistan. We have asked for the restoration of democracy from day one," Kiderlen said.

The German diplomat appreciated Pakistan's role in the war against terrorism and extremism. For this reason particularly, he said a strong, stable and democratic Pakistan was in the greater interest of the region and the international community.

"We are confident that the emergency will be lifted soon and Pakistan will return to normalcy," he said.

Kiderlen told Daily Times after the event that the government of Pakistan had invited international observers to monitor the elections in the country. But, there were signs, he said, that observers would not come to the country under the present circumstances. "Some NGOs might send their observers to Pakistan but the European Union's official observers are yet to decide if they will monitor the January polls. Chances are very rare that they will."

The envoy adopted a very diplomatic tone when asked to comment on the prevailing situation in Balochistan. Though the government of Germany is constantly following developments in the province, including the issue of forced disappearances, it would not like to take
up the matter directly at a government-to government level, he said. "We can't interfere into the domestic issues of Pakistan."

Germany is interested in undertaking more welfare projects in the health and education sectors in Balochistan, said Kiderlen. Three schools and one hospital are already receiving funds from Germany, he added.

Source: Daily Times

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Video Footage of 04 Dec 2007 Protest on Call of Student Action Committee - Aabpara Islamabad

This Video shows the true face of Tyranny of this illegal regime. After you have watched it, you will feel it Personal. First frame of the video incorrectly tells that it is a protest of 2004. Please ignore this editing mistake.

IMPORTANT: First frame of the video shows the date 2004, its incorrect. Please keep in mind that this video is of 04 December 2007.

Protest outside Lawrence Road Thana at 8 AM, TODAY

Over 100 people have been protesting the arrest of students, lawyers and members of civil society for the past few hours, who include two students from FAST, a LUMS professor and a LUMS alumnus, along with other activists and teachers. At the time of writing of this report they have been completely outnumbered and surrounded by a police force armed with batons and shields. Owing to the arrival of night and the absence of ANY media there has been a joint consensus to come again at 8 AM in the morning with more people.

According to Police, the Lahore High Court Chief INjustice, took a Suo Moto notice AGAINST the IG Punjab Police, Governor Punjab and a few other high officials for not being able to remove Justice MA Shahid Siddiqi from his house and ordered them to arrest all 'miscreants' disrupting 'law and order'. Those arrested will be taken to the Kangaroo Lahore High Court at 11 am.
We strongly urge every student, lawyer, activist, member of civil society and any other sympathizer to come to the Lawrence road Thana (off Jail road) at 8 am.We need to make sure that these heroes of Pakistan do not 'disappear' from the radar.
Please also inform every media person you know. We need to make sure that these protesters can face a fair trial and are not held at a secret torture center without any access to legal counsel or support.

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Students, teachers, activists arrested in Lahore

The authorities are now stooping to even lower lows. As you are aware, lawyers students and civil society have been keeping vigil outside Justice Shahid Siddiqui's house to prevent his forced eviction by the Punjab government. The police has just now arrested these citizens and taken them to racecourse jail. All in Lahore are urged to to express your solidarity outside the jail.
Many students (from FAST) and a LUMS professor have also been arrested !!! The details are unknown as yet.

Please inform all everyone you can.

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