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Friday, December 7, 2007

Protest outside Lawrence Road Thana at 8 AM, TODAY

Over 100 people have been protesting the arrest of students, lawyers and members of civil society for the past few hours, who include two students from FAST, a LUMS professor and a LUMS alumnus, along with other activists and teachers. At the time of writing of this report they have been completely outnumbered and surrounded by a police force armed with batons and shields. Owing to the arrival of night and the absence of ANY media there has been a joint consensus to come again at 8 AM in the morning with more people.

According to Police, the Lahore High Court Chief INjustice, took a Suo Moto notice AGAINST the IG Punjab Police, Governor Punjab and a few other high officials for not being able to remove Justice MA Shahid Siddiqi from his house and ordered them to arrest all 'miscreants' disrupting 'law and order'. Those arrested will be taken to the Kangaroo Lahore High Court at 11 am.
We strongly urge every student, lawyer, activist, member of civil society and any other sympathizer to come to the Lawrence road Thana (off Jail road) at 8 am.We need to make sure that these heroes of Pakistan do not 'disappear' from the radar.
Please also inform every media person you know. We need to make sure that these protesters can face a fair trial and are not held at a secret torture center without any access to legal counsel or support.

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