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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trickle down effect

Shaukat aziz kay naam!!

How to save Pakistan

By: Imran Khan

Make no mistake; Pakistan faces a grave threat from the creeping chaos, a by-product of the most shameful demonstration of power politics. There are many threats confronting our society. The threat of extremism is just one which is essentially a consequence of policies that serve foreign interests at the cost of the fundamental rights of our citizens. On 9/11, yes, we should have stood with the US when it was attacked by terrorists. But our cooperation should have been within the ambit of our constitution and law. No civilized society will ever allow its own army, raised and armed at a great cost to society, to be used so mercilessly against its own citizens and expect business as usual. In a society where the majority is without fundamental rights, without education, without economic opportunities, without healthcare, the use of sheer force will only expand the extremist fringe and contract the majority moderate.Our military rulers are incapable of understanding that the real owners of the country are its people who must have the right as, political sovereigns, to decide without fear and coercion who should rule them. In India the only qualification for Lalo Prasad or his domestic housewife Rabri Devi to rule Bihar was the mandate of the people. Can we imagine our ruling elite ever accepting a similar peoples verdict. This fundamental question of ‘Who Owns Pakistan’ must be decided once and for all.

In the absence of democracy and rule of law, extremism and religious fundamentalism will continue to grow at a frightening pace। The more the present regime bows to Washington’s desire to “do more” and the more innocent Pakistani blood is shed under the garb of fighting the war on terror or curbing extremism, the more Pakistan moves towards becoming a “failed state”, and the more people would resort to picking up arms against the security forces.

We have got to stop being apologetic about us being Muslims !!!

Today, Muslims are the most downcast and lowest of the low nations in the world. We make more than 1 billion of the population, that's about 1/5th of the entire human population. Jews make about 15-20 million!! There's just no comparison between 15 and 1000. But still, we are beaten down in whatever metrics of comparison you can think of. There has only been one compensation for us for the past couple of centuries: Our pride in being Muslims. But it was always going to be a matter of just time, before that would also wither away. I'm afraid these are the days now, when we can't even take pride in calling ourselves muslims. We are most certainly apologetic when it comes to any aspect of Islam today. We want to pick and choose, just to show to the world, that we are "peaceful" "peace-loving", "loving" pack of brotherhood. We are apologetic!!!

What is the solution? Watch these two documentaries if you can take out about 50 minutes out of your life, then we can perhaps discuss what could be done!! Why are these two important? Because we have to understand the bigger picture before venturing into the solution. Who are the players involved? what is going on?

Islam & America: Through the Eyes of Imran Khan - Pakistan

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Hoping to hear soon from you:

Sign the Bradford University Petition for Imran's release

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GEO's report regarding arrest of Imran Khan.......

This is video of GEO TV's bulletin regarding arrest of Imran Khan............................. At the end is the LUMS black week protest.

Thoughts from a tired, but joyous activist

Citizens Challenge Emergency Rule in Pakistan: Thoughts from a tired, but joyous activist

The General Holding Nukes as Hostage


Pakistan may face its ultimate destruction because of one person -its own military chief.

Having lost all other legitimacy, Musharraf is now bargaining with the west on a single point agenda.
"Allow me to stay in power, or else the nukes go into the militants hands. Only I (Repeat I), can safeguard the nukes. The west has a choice. Me or nuclear talibans."

If the people of Pakistan can not see through this fraudulent argument and take immediate actions to remove Musharraf from his job as the army chief as well as the President, they are any way going to be doomed. The US will determine its own method of protecting Pakistani nukes.Musharraf has now publicly admitted that he broke the law by imposing emergency. What does the constitution of Pakistan say for those who violate constitution. It is an act of treason.The struggle for restoration of democracy and justice must be launched from every street of Pakistan.

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