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Friday, November 23, 2007

Switzerland or War Zone

By: Imran (A LUMS Graduate Alumni who belong to Swat)

The helicopter hovers around over the houses so near that all the kids run outside and look at them yelling and shouting , the kids only see fun in it not realizing they will take part in a deadly game going on in the hills of SWAT.

Later you hear a strong blast most probably a rocket fired from the helicopter on the militants hideouts. Then you hear the shots in the cross-fire between the armed forces and the militants. Then the next day you see a figure told in the newspaper telling how many people died.

You see people pack up their goods and migrate leaving their small hut like houses which I am sure they would have made by working hard for years. The small girl carrying her little brother on her back following her parents going to an unknown destination. The women hidden from head to toe , puzzled and frightened walk quickly too to get to safer places.

Once known as the Switzerland of the region is now turned into a war zone.while I wonder how it all started , I do get agonized when I see my homeland , the place where I was born in , I lived in and the place I love the most is turned into a place where only chaos awaits and fear prevails. God bless Pakistan! I pray the current situation ends soon AMEEN!

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