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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Geo TV network being closed: TV report

There are reports that the government of Pakistan is using its influence with a foreign country to get the Geo TV network closed down. It should be noted that Geo news and its entire sister channels had been closed down across Pakistan after the imposition of emergency. Earlier, the cable operators in Pakistan were forced to close all channels being operated by Geo Network and the Pakistani viewers were deprived of the great source of information. However, the Geo TV was on air from its Dubai office. The latest developments are that the government of Pakistan has gone to the limit of seeking the closure of Geo News network across the globe through a country.

What a shame, i hate extremists and you recognize them very well, don't you ?

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Anonymous said...

This is height of hopelessness dat the current regime is facing and using any and every ugly tactic in hopes of turning the tide in its favor, which I'm so hopeful that they won't succeed, inshaAllah.

Time is now to rise, really!