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Saturday, November 17, 2007

What if Allama Iqbal were alive ???

Justice (r) Javaid Iqbal (son of Dr. Allama Iqbal was quoted saying to reporters that it is a blessing Allama Iqbal is dead today. Had Allama Iqbal been alive today, he would have been either a judge or a lawyer and getting beaten up by high school dropouts of Punjab police.

I think we need to tell Javed Iqbal that our king says (only says) 'SAB SE PEHLE PAKISTAN', so what if Allama Iqbal would have been beaten ? If this were in the 'Widest Interest of Nation and Country' then the Bravo King Mushy would not have let Allama go ... Did he ever done something for SAB SE PEHLE PAKISTAN ?

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Anonymous said...

You may call it ridicules but I must say Geo policies were never worth for Pakistan. They never had taken a stand of both political sides or tend to solve mysteries for the sake of country people. Geo motto was always staying behind the scene and direct anarchy within the country. Never heard of any positive happenings in Pakistan through this channel. This channel has bankrupted the picture of Pakistan made by a man to the outside world. Now they’r biting him who has given them liberty since eight long years. They just made the fuckin money. Never saw them contributing with sufferers but exploiters. One question. Dare for more if you can. Geo …… let me know one contribution of yours where you truly can justify as a patriot? Do you really know what a patriot is? A patriot has lots of responsibilities rather than just provocations through a word of mouth. Best of luck for your entertainment channels. May they flourish in positive prospect & with a patriot Islamic devotion. I hope your other channels don’t publicize europium culture.

Zeeshan Ali Rana said...

i agree with the author of above comment tht geo has no big contribution which can justify it is a patriot channel... but still a few talk shows had started creatin awareness... they shld now take this as an opportunity n behave like a true patriot as mentioned by anonymous in the above comment, modify their policies accordingly n come up with a stronger n better channel... lets hope!!

Rizwan said...

here is what i would like to share with ya the same i shared with one govt accuser just a minute ago. dear fellows, I would like to state a few points here so that people who have not watched these channels or could not understand the hidden intentions of these channels can appraise the situation better. I agree that on paper closing down news channels looks like a very bad thing to do.

But if anyone has seen documentaries on world war propaganda videos and Cuban crisis they would know:

Just for an example GEO was running a time bomb like clock continuously on the channel counting minutes and hours into emergency, like something really bad is about to happen. The presenters referred to time passed every hour, even every half an hour, and commented that X hours Y minutes and Z seconds have passed and they cannot understand why the people are not on the roads and why have politicians not called a strike or called people to protest till now. the message was “rise against the president”.

Worst thing was the propaganda video showing Quaid-e-Azam(the father of the nation) speaking (with dubbed voice - not his actual speech) some lines from the constitution, then comparing Musharraf with Zia -ul -Haq in pictures, then telling the people that all their rights under the constitution have been taken away and now the government can take away all their property, money and they will have no rights no recourse now, they can’t demand security, justice or anything from anyone now. This technically might be true as the constitution was put into abeyance, but everybody knows this was not Musharraf’s intensions. May be a far worse thing was done by Bhutto when in the presence of the constitution he nationalized all big industries in Pakistan in the seventies, setting back the country in a major way.

I would have really appreciated if the channels had pointed out that Benazir is being planted by the US in the Pakistani politics again and people would be stupid to elect her again or any of the already tested and proven corrupt / incapable politicians. But when I still see people following leaders like Benazir , the mullas and most Muslim league leaders, it only make my belief strong that only education makes people think properly. I know for a fact that in Pakistan the worst person with the most corrupt thinking /intensions, lowest skill and education level usually enters into politics. We have all seen in universities, that the political parties just hire the worst student mostly a bully to work for their party. The few good politicians we have are the ones who might never get a chance to rule us unless there is free and fair election and people are educated and intelligent enough to make a right decision putting the interest of the country first. People in Pakistan campaign for a candidate just because they know they will get support from the candidate for their illegal activities if he gets elected. 99% of people will vote for a thieve just because he is their relative or a friends friend and can provide them un-lawfull benefits afterwards. Character and Morals are the last thing in the mind of people when they vote, primarily because the literacy level is too low for a good democracy to prosper.

I dont remember anything specific about ARY but they had a general disliking for this decision which was evident in their news. Being biased towards a news item is the biggest mistake a media channel could do. However they were much better than wat GEO was doing.