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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ali Ahmed Kurd files nominations to contest against Rasheed

RAWALPINDI: Ali Ahmed Kurd, an imprisoned leader of lawyers’ community, has filed nomination papers to contest elections against former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

I wish if all icons of resistance would have filed their nominations against all such LOTAS :)

I found this pleasantly amazing news from the 'TheNews' but could not found anymore details than presented above. If any of you knows anything more than that then do tell me ...

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Anonymous said...

Aqeel that seems incorrect. the governemtn which is trying to tease these heros is not so kind that it will allow Kurd to be brought to Pindi on hsi request. Seconldy he is the only person who no one from his family or friends has been allowed to meet. Further no photos are available. the governemtn would have been pleased to do so for propaganda. This false news is just for that purpose.