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Monday, November 19, 2007

Jo hona tha, wohi hua!!!

Exactly as expected, Mush's personal dogs (the new judges of the supreme court bench) gave a decision in his favour:

It says, Mush is going to visit Saudi Arabia for talks with King Abdullah on Tuesday. Wanna know how much of an "American dog" is our pious and precious Saudi regime?

It's a disgusting situation almost all around the world. Getting rid of one Mush is not the solution. They'll plant the next one after him. There are a lot of Mushes in the whole world right now. The first step to everything is to wake up!!! The forces working against us, the likes of oil companies and banking systems, are huge and powerful. The solution is to realize that this temporary prosperity due to some MNCs isn't real. It's only a matrix to give cover to an age old bloody dream of a single empire. Open your eyes, and see the patterns!!!

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