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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military

An alternative theory: Kindly read and ponder over it !!! The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military by Ahmed Quraishi|

Disclaimer: I do not endorse the views suggested in the link. But being in academics, one cannot discard any theory without having significant reasons to do so. Comments welcomed !!

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Anonymous said...

author is part of PTV..further you judge yoruself.
it is simply a crap.

Numan said...

The author is based in Islamabad where he produces and hosts a weekly foreign policy show called Worldview From Islamabad for PTV. He can be reached at

Just seconding the "anonymous" comment above, the snippet pasted above is taken from the right side of the webpage where this article is hosted (just in case you have missed it).

The article is preposterous. The guy seems to be a real A-H. Baseless accusations on the "opposition" voices is not going to bring any credibility to this oppressive regime. He is using the same tactics that have always been used by any propaganda machinery. "So ja beta naee tau gabbar aa jaayay ga". Yaar yeah hamai'n amreeka say kub tuk daratay rahai'n gay. This is the same tactic that amreeka uses to scare her people off. "So ja beta naee tau Osama aa jaayay ga"...

omarali50 said...

This article is such incredible BS. We are supposed to believe that the honorable Chief justice, Justice Ramday, Justice Bhagwandas, Aitazaz Ahsan, Ali Kurd, Hamid Khan, Munir Malik, Ayesha Siddiqa, 99% of pakistani lawyers are all indian agents, but Perv Musharraf, illegal occupant of the presidency and his land-grabbing fellow officers are the only patriots in Pakistan. Destroying the judiciary, evicting honorable judges, beating up women and arresting Imran Khan are all good and protesting for the rule of law and simple justice are bad? Disappearing hundreds of people is good, but asking under what law they are being held is "a well orchestrated conspiracy"? Even discussing this is stupid, so I will stop. The only good thing is that when Musharraf is gone he will be on TV the next day defending the next chief with equally imaginative and colorful stories. If the judiciary is restored and honorable CJ becomes acting president, he will be on TV explaining how this has now saved Pakistan. It will be entertaining to watch him in action then...may allah provide us with the opportunity.