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Monday, November 26, 2007

Impressive videos from London Protest - must watch

On 17th of November, 2007, a large number of Pakistanis living in England, participated in a protest demonstration against the illegal imposition of Emergency in Pakistan. These participants include Students, Lawyers, Professionals, PTI workers and some other peoples from the civil society. Jamaima Khan, Hina Jillani, Shahbsz and the George Galloway were also there to record their protest, they also addressed the participants.
I have got the videos of that demonstration, that you might not have seen, these videos are really impressive. These videos will recharge you :)

Jamaima Khan, Talking to the media
Video thumbnail. Click to play
Comments of a participant, a must watch, he really knows how to avoid these kind of situations in future
Video thumbnail. Click to play
Impressive Chanting from the bottom of Heart, look at the enthusiasm. And dont miss the most famous "Hum Daikhain Gey" presented by a LUMS alumni at the end of this video
Video thumbnail. Click to play
George Galloway, he was angry at the way Pak Govt. dealt with Imran Khan. He always talks very bluntly without any fear, just like Imran Khan
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