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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bradford University Rally Cancelled

"Bradford University Rally has been cancelled as its primary focus was to free its chandellor Imran Khan. Since Imran Khan has been released the university cannot hold the rally as it cannot be seen to take a political stance"

We cannot expect others to protest for us, this is our fight and we have to face it by ourselves। Get prepared as soon as possible.


Mohammad Ali said...

Akeel, this blog collectively represnts the our personal as well as sentiments of students' body in large.

I think previous two entries were a "little" rash.

Bradford University was to hold a massive rally, numbers expected ran into a few thousands, that would've brought General a bad name for himself.

Their contribution was indeed essential in pressurizing the military dictatorship to free Mr. Khan.

With regards to BB, Maulana and Nawaz. We can go on and criticise any one of them at length, cuz the politicians brought forward in 80's and 90's are almost all like that.

Criticising them serves our purpose???????

Akeel ur Rehman Faridee said...

okay, will talk to you, no need to start a cross debate here.

For the hint "these posts can help in awakening the conscious"