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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

US wants Benazir as pakistani PM or turning the guns towards pakistan?

for details see the following link

plz comment wht u perceive from it


junyDada said...

The way i see it, they're just using Musharraf right now, just like they were using Saddam in Iraq. What US does is that they build up a dictator, so much that the dictator creates a leadership vacuum in the country. then they take out that dictator. and as soon as he's out of the picture, there can only be anarchy. i'm sure if musharraf doesn't play like a puppet in their hands, they'll wipe him off like a mosquito, and then they'll have a 1000 and one lame excuses to venture into pakistan, because pakistan has nukes, and that's a threat to the whole world :)

so the way i see it, that's the bigger picture, after afghanistan, iraq, iran, it's pakistan. these are the obvious strategic locations of the world, either geographically like pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, iran, or natural resource/oil wise, like iran, iraq, afghanistan

Do check out this video, it's a must see, to understand the politics of the people behind globalization:

Mohammad Ali said...

So where's Benazir in all this?

IS the link wrong or you are assuming? True that at the moment Benazir has got US support and she's the one they want to be incharge over here, but in context of your blog entry and the link that you posted, where is she? or anything about her?

Agree with juni regarding building of a dictator and creating leadership vaccum...........But if us wants Benazir as our PM, than that points to the fact that they want a politically stable government in Pakistan at the moment, which won't at-least be taking hardline stance, which Whitehouse thinks can be achieved while benaziris in power.

Zeeshan Ali Rana said...

ali... benazir is currently playing role of an anti musharraf moderate... which US should support according to the story on the link... there comes benazir in my perception n thts i asked from others tht do they see the same?