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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Foreign Office denies BBC report based on Musharraf interview

Saturday denied a BBC report that claimed President Pervez Musharraf had told the network in an interview that the country’s nuclear weapons could fall into wrong hands. In the interview the President had stated that these weapons could not fall into wrong hands, the Foreign Office spokesman said while commenting on the BBC report. “This report is a complete distortion of the President’s interview,” the spokesman said. The spokesman said that contrary to the report, President Musharraf had reiterated that the nuclear weapons “cannot fall into wrong hands”. “He (President) had argued that because the military organization is responsible for their safety and security, our strategic assets are totally secure and in no danger of falling in wrong hands,” the spokesman said.

This is the same this Govt. has been doing since a long time - First issue a statement then keep on lying/denying didn't this happen in case of Emergency ... remember how hardly all of them was rejecting the possibility and then you saw it happen

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