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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Islamabad Protest for the Restoration of Judiciary, 01 Jan 2008

So the first day of new year in Islamabad(Pakistan) started off with bloodiness tears and moans, with the people who despite all that still are striving to see a better Pakistan, struggling to change, to fight all those tyrants either in the face of military or civil dictators. Parvez Mushharaf(1999), his group of politicians and generals who have been depriving the country from humanity, law and order and innocence since 1960.

The country still mourning on the cold-blooded murder of The PPP,s Benazir Bhutto and the people are yet gathering for demonstrations despite all that fear.

The 1st day of 2008, some people of Pakistan took the courage to come out on the streets to renew their movement against tyranny, for the restoration of judiciary. The fact that how coldbloodedly this government murdered a former prime minister(twice) and a renowned leader of a party, some people risked their lives, holding banners, placards, chanting slogans against military rule, Musharraf,s government, murder of Benazir bhutto, missing people, tyranny and demanding death sentence to be given to Musharraf.

Wearing black bands, the group started from Aabpara and marched peacefully toward Secretariat under the directions of Punjab Police(Islamabad police has surrendered and Punjab Police has taken charge), so the protest was well-watched and carefully attendant. These directions were taken to avoid violence between protesters and police as no law and order is seen to be existing in the recent airs of Pakistan.

They stayed there for a while to show respect to and solidarity with PPP, by giving a momentary silence. Then they moved towards presidency house and sat there for two hours where some people gave speeches.

Along with the speeches, it was announced that somewhere before elections, protestors would go the presidency house and regardless of the barriers would pull Musharraf out. After declaring the above statement protestors peacefully dispersed with the light of hope shone on their faces has the sun set drew upon them.

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