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Thursday, January 3, 2008

ISI’s Desperate Bid To Save Musharraf

Source: ICH

Alternative media is the West is falling prey to the ISI propaganda to save Musharraf. However, it doesn’t take too much to read between and behind and lines and see the facts and the ground realities which the ISI operatives are distorting.

By Abid Ullah Jan

ISI operatives in the media in Pakistan have been busy making noises in an attempt to make Pakistanis, at least, believe that the US is actually cornering Musharraf. They blame human rights organizations, NGOs, lawyers and all other critics of the regime to be working for the US and serving interests of Indian intelligence agency RAW.

They base their disinformation campaign on the following points:

1. Musharraf does not fit well with Washington’s agenda.

2. Musharraf is the target because he refuses to play ball with the US on Afghanistan, China and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

3. Washington is annoyed with Musharraf because he did not hand over Osama to the U.S.

4. Musharraf did not send troops to Iraq because of which Turkey also refused to join the US forces in Iraq.

5. Musharraf did not recognize Israel.

6. Musharraf has destroyed the US policy.

7. There is carefully crafted anti-Musharraf media blitzkrieg launched early in 2007.

8. The US is pumping money into Pakistan to pay for organized dissent.

9. A campaign is being waged on the Internet where tens of mailing lists and “news agencies” have sprung up from nowhere, all demonizing Musharraf and the Pakistani military.

10. European- and American-funded Pakistani NGOs have started makeshift anti-government mobilization machine.

11. US government agencies are directly funding some private Pakistani television networks; the channels go into an open anti-government mode, cashing in on some manufactured and other real public grievances regarding inflation and corruption.

12. Some of Musharraf’s shady and corrupt political allies are feeding this campaign, hoping to stay in power under a weakened president.

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