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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Email to Tighe Barry

Code Pink's Tighe Barry protesting against Iraq war funding in Washington D.C. on 23rd March, 2007
Dear Tighe,

Just wanted to thanku for what you stood up for, what you did for the sake of people of Pakistan.

I noticed activists of "Code Pink" 0n 30th Nov protest, and every protest from then on, Initially it seemed strange, why would a foriegner be interested in our fate? most don't seemed to be concerned at all. Every govt in East or West is supporting Musharraf. Turkey's PM visit was a recent example.

But having talked to one of your fellow activist in Press Club Lahore, I sensed a feeling of genuine concern for the people's right to freedom of thought,expression,gathering,self determination and access to information and independent judiciary, be it anywhere in the world...............What a principle stance Code Pink is taking.

I praise your courage and boldness, knowing that it wasn't done for getting so, but feels nice to know, that atlast someone stood up there and spoke for us.

We consider you standing shoulder to shoulder with us in this struggle, even when you are not in Pakistan.

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More Pictures: Code Pink's Pakistan page

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