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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Munir A Malik was poisoned at Attock Jail, alleges HRCP

Source: Daily Times

A large number of civil society activists believe that former Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Munir A Malik was deliberately poisoned during his detention at Attock Jail, a Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) press release issued on Friday said.

An emergency meeting of civil society leaders was held to express concern over the deteriorating health of Malik at the HRCP’s office in Lahore. The statement said that Malik was tricked into drink a glass of juice containing some unknown ingredient causing a vital attack on Munir’s body organs. Despite the continuous outcry of the SCBA for the proper treatment of Munir, he was prescribed improper medicines until he fell unconscious during the detention his at Attock Jail. Munir was shifted to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on the demand of lawyers co-jailed then.

“Malik’s health condition is now critical,” the statement said, adding that the government must be held accountable for the deteriorating health of Malik. The HRCP demanded that a high-powered inquiry committee must be set up by the Bar to probe into the strong allegations levelled against the persons concerned. Terming it a matter of grave concern, HRCP further called on the government to cooperate with the Bar in conducting an inquiry into the case.

The statements of lawyers detained at Attock Jail must be recorded to unearth the hidden facts in the case, it said.

Lauding the role played by Malik in the recent lawyers’ movement for the establishment of rule of law in the country, the activists vowed to carry on the struggle started by Malik till he fully recovered. They also urged all political parties to give priority to the reinstatement of the deposed Supreme Court judges while asserting that no compromise should be made over the matter of the judiciary. They also observed that the transition to a sustained democratic process would not be possible without independence of the judiciary.

They also condemned the detention of 20 students belonging to the Students Action Committee in Lahore. They also called upon all sections of the civil society to join in the struggle, participating in the Black Day that would be observed on December 10.

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