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Saturday, December 8, 2007

US Students' Initiative to Support their Pakistani Fellows

Source: Act For Pakistan

The situation in Pakistan is very bad, and Pakistan's independent judiciary, which was the protector of ordinary Pakistanis, an emerging bulwark against future political corruption, and upholder of our constitution, has been dismissed and incarcerated. The new judges, as expected, have proven to be handmaidens of the executive. They could not even pass a single order protecting the protesting lawyers, students and human rights activists who were subjected to ruthless brutality. They have also not provided relief to GEO and other independent Pakistani electronic media, which were shut down by the government. The political parties also seem divided and have been pulled into a vortex of state repression, manipulation and blackmail.

In this unfortunate situation, the students of Pakistan have come out to support civil society. They need our support and assistance. This is a watershed moment in Pakistan's history. Pakistani students, acting in conjunction with our brave lawyers, can redeem the situation. If they fail, Pakistan's rapacious and rabid elite will only lead to an extremist reaction from frustrated, poor, and persecuted citizens comprising more than 80% of our population. The situation is making Pakistan fertile for extremism. Students from Pakistani universities like LUMS, FAST, Quaid-e-Azam University etc., all moderate and progressive institutions, have protested alongside lawyers and media and have been beaten to pulp and jailed.

Along with other non-partisan initiatives in pipeline, we want to show support to students in Pakistan, where it actually matters, from Pakistani students in USA by publishing a quarter page ad on the front page of 'The News', 'Jang' and 'Dawn' that we support them morally and materially. Each ad costs ~$5000. After reading the message, please circulate widely among students and any potential sponsors in USA if you agree, and help show support to students in Pakistan. Sponsor's names will be highlighted in the ads. Letter text, contribution details and further details of this initiative are available at

Here are bundled packages of how you can be part of this initative to support Pakistani students:

1) Ultra platinum (includes donation)

Submit your name and university to be published in the background of the news ad and click on the following link and donate generously.

2) Platinum

Submit your name and university to be published in the background of the news ad

3) Premium

Submit university to be published in the background of the news ad

4) Basic

Forward this email to as many students in USA as possible

Note: As ad space is limited, names will be published on a first come first serve basis. Please feel free to send us any feedback or new practical ideas.


Muhammad Fahim

Bilal Wahid MIT

Babar Sattar Harvard

Rehan Tahir MIT

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