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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Is no one sane in Govt ???

Heavy police contingent was deployed outside Geo, Jang office here at Davis Road on Thursday.

The police was already deployed outside Geo and Jang office in the wake of ban on Geo TV transmissions, however, the reinforcement happened suddenly today. The police were fully less with tear gas shells and clubs, the eyewitnesses said.

When asked the police officials said they were directed by the concerned authorities to remain at only the premises of Geo and Jang office.

What do they want to show with all these deployments ? They are also present here outside LUMS since two days with loaded/pointed guns. Do they only want to terrorize ? Perhaps they dont know that they are raising rage with such tactics. Are 'Law Enforcement Agencies' really dumb ? (although these agencies are really helpful in Breaking Law but still they are Law Enforcement Agencies)

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Zeeshan Ali Rana said...

those who were recruited to provide security to society are are being used to terrorize the society.... :)

Ali Ahsan said...

We will not forget this and forgive them.