You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of democracy, social justice and the equality of mankind in your own native soil. [Mohammed Ali Jinnah]

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Women protestors being beaten up in Islamabad by the Police


Anonymous said...


I hope what you have described as a reason for all the cowards and slave like things, is actually true.

Because, what I think is even worse than that.

May be, we do all those things and we don't do all the other things that you mentioned, because the country is not worth it.

This is the reason I think we are like this, we don't own the country, because at times the country has not owned us.

Muhammad Ali said...

May be it is our cowardice, but fact of the matter is, we didn't accept this country, we are muhajirs, Sindhis, Punjabis, Pathans, extremely divided in religous circles. This country is victim of her own army. The most corrupt coward army in the world, whose incapabilities of fighting is now openly exposed. 300 men surrendered without firing a single shot. This army has to be destroyed, WE Pakistanis can defend our motherland. This is my Mother my love. Anyone who hate pakistan is my enemy. People who preach sects should be our enemy, people who support army invasion should be our enemy. Landlords, Fuckin maggots, Politicians
All are enemy of our beloved land
Hate them from your heart
. Pakistan is there and will always be there, noone can destroy this land, and if anyone tries, then I don't think this whole world should be there too.

I am Facist, I am extreme nationalist. I don't care about religion either, Pakistan is my religion. And thats what I want all Pakistanis to be......Extreme Nationalists
Long live Pakistan