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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And still he says 'no flour crisis in Pakistan'

Man dies in ‘fight for flour’

Source: Dawn

A labourer, Muhammad Akbar, was electrocuted to death when he touched a live wire at a flour grinding machine in Libey Badiana, Pasrur, on Sunday night. It is believed that he was trying to break into the unit to steal flour. He is survived by his eight children and a wife.

The family of Akbar says that they had been hungry for the last three days because of non-availability of flour. On Sunday, Akbar, begged flour from different places but failed get anything. At night, he planned to break into the flour grind unit in his village. While stealing the flour, he touched a live wire there and died. Akbar was laid to rest in the presence of the hundreds of the mourners from all walks of life.

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