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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Golden age of 'prosperity' ???

Just look at the following picture, "Golden Age of Prosperity"


These people are no doubt the reckless liars ... they don't have the idea about the 'ground realities' although our 'commando' keep on telling us about the 'ground realities' ... how come he missed that: there is no Electricity, there is no Gas, there is no Water, there is no Flour (Aata), there is no CNG, there is no Wheat, there is no Security, there is no Peace, there are no Jobs, there is neither Judiciary nor Justice.

And yet they say 'Its Golden Age of Prosperity'. Its no more important what they say because 'they' have lost their credibility (if there was any), so its important that what do you say ?

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Razz said...

Mush had a lot of credibility in the beginning tbh. But his actions throughout his rule, total disregard for the law of the land just to stay in power has shown his true face - that he is just another ugly dictator willing to do anything to justify his position as a civilian ruler. Like before, he has several puppets surrounding him and who would have us believe any crap - similar to the above pic. I just hope, for the sake of our country, we get rid of this ruling lot sooner rather than later.