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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton proposes joint oversight of Pakistan nukes

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, Jan 6 (AFP) - US White House hopeful Hillary Clinton late Saturday said she would propose a joint US-British team to oversee the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal if she is elected president.

“So far as we know right now, the nuclear technology is considered secure, but there isn't any guarantee, especially given the political turmoil going on inside Pakistan,”

she said during a Democratic debate here. If elected president, the US senator said,

“I would try to get Musharraf to share the security responsibility of the nuclear weapons with a delegation from the United States and, perhaps, Great Britain, so that there is some fail-safe.”

This guy has proven himself a real 'Security Risk' for this country. He dragged this country into such a situation. Are we going to get rid of our insane commando or will let him to ruin this country for his own RULE ?

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