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Monday, January 21, 2008

India launches Israeli satellite

BANGALORE, India (AFP) — India successfully launched an Israeli spy satellite into orbit in a boost to the South Asian nation's efforts to win a share of the multi-billion-dollar space launch market.
You can read the full story here but the point is, both the countries (Pakistan and India) established on 1947, infact India established on 1947 whereas on the other side establishment established instead of Pakistan.

Now a days we do have enough electricity (for the president house), enough gas (for the president house), enough wheat (offcourse for the president house), enough cycles (in the president house), enough LOTAS (in the president house) ... so what if India has launched a spy satellite ? We are ahead of them. GEO Musharraf !!!

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Rafiq said...

Musharraf has ruined my beloved Pakistan. I think, we are now no match for India which has overtaken us economically, militarily and technologically. Pakistan will collapse under the weight of the poor policies of Musharraf and our future citizens have to bear the brunt. The only thing we will export is terrorism. Already, tourism to Pakistan has ground to a halt. It will not be long before the dollars coming in will also drain out. All we then have to pass our time is kill each other.