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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is he nutts ???

Source: Nawa-i-Waqt

he says the deposition of judges was justified n he will redo the same if need arises (he si not ashamed at all... bohut dheet hai yaar)... he wont let the new govt. discontinue the current policies :)... he's acting like a spoiled child

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Razz said...

The more he makes statements like that, the more it makes me believe that he'll end up being killed. He's showing no signs of leaving that hotseat of power, and unless he does that, there's a strong possibility that he'd be deposed forcefully.

Anonymous said...

I think he did the right thing. Chaudhry set himself up for failure. Don't make the whole country pay for his error. It was past time he was thrown out.

You cannot have a functional society when one of the prime powers is opposing every decision, and performing acts that amount to sedition. Good riddance to him.

Its time to look forward at the challenges ahead. Not time to keep up the petty bickering of the past. That infighting has been the downfall of the country for decades.

Its time to move forward. Time to stop whining about the past and set up a more stable, non-violent country for the next generation to live in without fear.

Get to work on that, because that is a cause worth your effort.

Murtaza said...

So Mr.anonymous, do you think these type of comments are leading us towards that Pakistan you are talking about?
Get to work on that, because that is a cause worth your effort.

Akeel ur Rehman Faridee said...

thats what we had been doing all the time "Move Forward ... Not time to keep up the petty bickering of the past" and thats what Mr. 'Annonymous' is suggesting again. Which means there can never be accountability for anyone in this country because we dont have to look back we have to move forward? so this is worthy enough for you to not hold accountable for those who butchered on 12th May, 2007 ?

If we had not think similarly at the downfall of Dhaka and would have prosecuted all those who were responsible for that then we could have avoid this situation. WHY WE HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD ALL THE TIME ???? INSTEAD OF PROSECUTING THOSE WHO VIOLATE CONSTITUTION, SELL THEIR OWN CITIZENS TO US ???? And those who have dragged this country into a situation where NOT EVEN A SINGLE THING working in order.

Why do we move forward once again ???? what have we achieved through this setup ... some fool might say that 'ECONOMY' ??? are you really FOOL, dont you see that the country who is capable enough to export wheat to several countries is facing a situation in which people fighting to grab some 'AATA'.

Chaudhary was and is the only person who showed that he can be trusted enough to prosecute these RED BULLS.

Akeel ur Rehman Faridee said...

Why dont you think


Please please do not 'Let it go' this time ... if these RED BULLS once again got away, somehow, then we can not avoid Dictators in the Future. History proved each Dictator left behind his previous versions in his 'performance' and pathetic-ness.

i will urge all of you once again: