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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pakistan ka waqar buland!!

we must be proud of mush's policies... we shld not oppose them since v have to 'move forward' after all.

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Karim Qaiser said...

Musharraf has brought Pakistan to the brink of ruin. he gave a free reign to all manner of corrupt bastards who would support his rule. like the PML(q). under his rule the tribal areas are now warzones and are even further from being integrated into paksitan. under his rule al-qaida is now getting firmly entrenched in the sunni deobandis of pakistan. under his rule the ISI has become completely criminalized. there are no checks and balances on any government agency, especially military agencies. pakistan is now like a dying man in the desert with flies and maggots starting to feed on the still-living flesh. and with hyenas and vultures (america, india, taliban..etc) gathering in the background.

Irfan said...

Whats the difference, in afghan army attack, anybody who do it is bad, but why jumping around on afghan's attack , woh tu humaray bhai hain, aur yeh friendly fire bhi hosakta hai...
why blamming mush,
its all goes back to Zia, we are in trap since then, and we will remain trapped, mush is only buying time for us... and nothing else, GEO MUSH,
america aaway hee aaway