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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pro-judiciary blogs ‘blocked’ but the govt. knows nothing :)

By Khalid Khattak

LAHORE: Access to the domain - a blog hosting website which contains hundreds of blogs created by Pakistani students struggling for the restoration of the judiciary - was blocked across the country on Monday.

These blogs were providing up-to-date information on protests of students, civil society and human right activists against the government. These blogs also contained information on the struggle for the restoration of judiciary and the free media and political problems facing Pakistan.
Some of the most popular blogs created by Pakistani students are Rise Of Pakistan. (by LUMS students), (by LUMS students), FastRising. (by FAST students), PURevolution. (by PU students), EmergencyPK., and
Another blogger said many research projects were going on various blogs. “A project, the Name and Shame Campaign, was in progress on a blog, riseofpakistan. The blog was collecting information on all prominent politicians of the country,” the blogger added.

But the govt. is innocent :)

When contacted, Information Technology Ministry (Telecom) Member Noorud Din Baqai said no instructions to ban certain websites had been issued by the Inter Ministerial Committee on national issues.

See i told u the govt. did nothing... it doesnt know anything

Btw there is a possibility tht the govt. does not know how it happened :) see below:

An IT expert, seeking anonymity, told The News that in September, 2007, for some unknown reasons, Google had suddenly reverted to its original IP address, which had been put on the block list in the country since March, 2006.

“This move resulted in blocking all Internet traffic to the domain. The domain might have been blocked because of the same problem,” he observed. The website was lying blocked till the filing of this report.
Source: The News...

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Zeeshan Ali Rana said...

I guess it was not intentional, since the blog is workin fine now :)...

Raza Rumi said...

many thanks for visiting the Pak Tea House and informing us about the real situation.
We shall amend the post accordingly.
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Raza Rumi