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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Scotland Yard examines Bhutto murder scene- which 'scene' ?

Jan 5 (AFP): Counter-terrorism experts from Scotland Yard Saturday made their first inspection of the site where former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated last week, police said. “The Scotland Yard team is examining the venue where she addressed a rally and the site where she was attacked,” a Rawalpindi police official told AFP.

Which scene ? the one that was washed within 2-3 hours of the incident with the use of chemicals ? what will they find from that scene ? Its all a drama, actual murderers will remain 'hidden' (though, all of them are nominated and exposed, unofficially) and all the blame will be put on 'Al-kaaaaeeeedaaa' ... even they have denied any kind of involvement in the incident and also PPP leadership rejected the Govt. conclusion that 'Al-kaaaaeeeedaaa' in involved in it. Whom they are trying to fool ? I guess its Bush whom they are trying to fool ... but he is already a fool then who ? Is it us ?

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