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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rise Of Pakistan bloggers being threatened

A contributing member of "Rise of Pakistan" blog is being constantly threatened for previous few days, warned of "harsh" treatment if he doesn't stops contributing to this blog.

Threats are being made in a very periodic fashion from a cell phone number "0321-6147223". is maintained by Alumni & current students of LUMS. It has generated much traffic since Nov 3, 2007, for airing views against the imposition of 'Martial Law', deposition of higher judiciary, dictatorship, civil rights abuse and involvement of Military in Pakistan's political affairs.


Taban Khamosh said...

Stay safe guys. It could be a prankster or an "Agency" Goon. Isn't it nice to see our money spent on humiliating and repressing us?

I would say use pen-names if you can.. the message is more important that who exactly is sending the message.

We are watching. We are witness to this atrocity. We are with you!

Teeth Maestro said...

Keep up the great work -

Anonymous said...

Long live RoP... dare they interfere!

Mohammad Ali said...

:) you support is appreciated