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Saturday, April 5, 2008

US wants coalition to retain local govts

LAHORE, April 4: US Consulate principal officer Bryan D Hunt has said the PPP, PML-N and other allied political parties should revisit their political manifestos and implement them to change the socio-economic condition in Pakistan.

"These political parties should make the changes, what they demanded before elections, in their true letter and spirit," he added.

Mr Hunt was speaking after a special lecture on `Pakistan's Elections 2008: Transition to Democracy’ by Prof Dr Muhammad Waseem, organised by the Pakistan Study Centre, Punjab University, on Friday.

The US Consulate principal officer said the entire election process was credible and now there was a need to strengthen institutions, including parliament.

Mr Hunt also hoped that the new government would strengthen the local government system instead of eliminating it.

He said the US was committed to working with the Pakistan government as well as its all tiers, including provincial and local governments. "The US and Pakistan need to work closely because it is in the interest of both the countries," he added.

During a question and answer session, Mr Hunt said, "I don't think that restoration of judiciary is an issue for the US. It is an internal issue of Pakistan".

He said the US Deputy and Assistant secretaries of State had visited Pakistan to discuss and understand each other's stand.
US wants coalition to retain local govts -DAWN - National; April 05, 2008

who the hell is US to interfere into our state n issue statements about our ways to govern our country?
'restoration of judiciary an internal issue' :) ... as if implementation of menifestos and starting dialogue with alleged trouble makers (in tribal areas) are not pakistan's internal issues... hypocrisy is what they always exhibit... will our leaders ever understand this? will they wake up? will we (the ppl) btw?
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